What is the State of CentOS Support?

Achieve Cost Savings with Linux Alternatives

RHEL 6 and CentOS 6 EOL is November 30, 2020. RedHat is offering extended lifecycle support for RHEL 6, but it is expensive and somewhat limited in terms of support capabilities. This will leave many organizations’ operating systems open to security vulnerabilities.

What Are My RHEL 6 Options?

Those who are on RHEL 6 either have to rush an upgrade, pay new costs for extended lifecycle support for RedHat, or they can migrate to community-based CentOS and get support from an alternative commercial vendor.

The OpenLogic team is here to help make this decision easier. If you haven’t upgraded from RHEL 6 or CentOS 6, OpenLogic can help protect your business against the risks. We can keep you afloat by providing support for RHEL 6 while helping you plan a migration or upgrade.


Benefits of CentOS Support from OpenLogic

50% Cost Savings

in Linux Support and Licensing

Long-Term Support

(LTS) for RHEL 6 and CentOS 6


Private, certified repositories for patches.

Guaranteed SLAs

for Support Agreements

Architectural Minimization

of Attack Vectors


support for all environments

CentOS Distributions

support for several options

Expert Guidance

beyond CentOS Support

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Calculate Your Savings Over RHEL

Enterprises switching from Red Hat to CentOS typically save 50% or more in overall licensing and support costs. Determine how much you can save with this calculator.

What Does CentOS Support from OpenLogic Look Like?

OpenLogic offers similar support with CentOS that Red Hat offers with RHEL, but our team goes beyond the operating system layer and takes an architectural-level approach to tackling challenges. Eliminate license costs and vendor lock-in by adopting a truly open model.


Image Support Open Source Experts
Image Enterprise Support CentOS Over RHEL

Make the Switch from RHEL to CentOS with Expert Tips

Learn about cost comparisons between RHEL vs. CentOS, how to prepare for migration, and what migration actually looks like in this datasheet.

See Migration Guide

Why is OpenLogic Qualified to Support CentOS?

Our team consists of experienced architects with a minimum of 15 years of experience and expertise working on production applications. We believe in and support the open source community development model, and that is reflected in our contributions to CentOS.

Our team creates and manages the official CentOS images for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. In Azure’s case, OpenLogic creates and maintains Microsoft’s official CentOS image. OpenLogic also supports CentOS on Google Cloud.

With OpenLogic you can trust you'll be working with an experienced architect with a wealth of years of experience solving complex CentOS and open source challenges.

Open Source Support Beyond CentOS Support

OpenLogic goes beyond long-term support for CentOS by providing consultative services and guidance for open source technology across your entire stack.

Migration Services

Our Enterprise Architects are experienced in RHEL to CentOS migrations and can help you from roadmap to deployment and beyond.

Support Options

With guaranteed SLAs, we deliver immediate access to a team of Enterprise Architects who can help you reach resolutions faster.

Consultative Guidance

Get vendor-neutral, unbiased guidance to help your team innovate faster and more freely through open source.

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