OpenLogic’s CentOS 7 Transitional Support takes EOL CentOS security to the next level by providing fixes for high-severity CVEs, as well as unbiased, expert guidance to help you choose the best CentOS alternative for your organization.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • What is included in our CentOS 7 Transitional Support solution 
  • How OpenLogic’s seamless patch release process protects you for up to five years past EOL
  • Why extended LTS bolsters your organization's compliance and risk management strategies

Discover how OpenLogic’s CentOS 7 Transitional Support can shield your team and operating system from high-severity CVEs long after community support for CentOS ends.

Build Your CentOS Transition Plan Now

Extend the life of your CentOS deployments so you can migrate off CentOS 7 with confidence, on your own timeline, and with expert advice, technical support, and post-EOL CentOS patches from OpenLogic.

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