This year has accelerated our reliance on the software technology that drives human interaction. The need for digital transformation, cloud native infrastructure, and secure, functional code has never been more pronounced. Our gadgets, once novel ways to interact outside of normal social settings, have, seemingly overnight, become our primary means of work, education, and even socialization.

So what role does open source software play in this simultaneously disruptive and transformative year, and what role will it play in 2021 and beyond?

About the 2020 Open Source Report

The 2020 Open Source Report from OpenLogic provides data on the most popular open source technologies used today, and sheds light on the barriers and benefits teams experience when adopting open source technologies.

This report is a must-read for anybody working with, or considering, open source software for their organization.

The free report includes:

  • Open source technology, language, and adoption rates.
  • Top considerations for choosing open source software.
  • Common barriers and issues in open source technologies.
  • Expert analysis and projections for open source in 2020 and beyond.
  • And more!

State of Open Source in 2020

The 2020 Open Source Report also includes detailed analysis of the state of open source in 2020 from Perforce CTO, Rod Cope, and Perforce Chief Architect, Justin Reock.

Read the report for their analysis on the big trends in open source, including automation and orchestration, service mesh adoption, and projections for open source in 2020 and beyond.

Download the Open Source Report

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We hope that the insights you gain from the 2020 Open Source Report will help guide your thinking as the landscape continues to shift. In the large and expanding universe that open source has become, the more tools we have to navigate, the more effective we will remain in our work, education, and craft.