Like buildings, applications depend on infrastructure, most of which is open source software. From stalwarts like Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, and NGINX to newer cloud-native technologies, organizations now have an array of options to choose from when it comes to infrastructure components, including web and application servers.

Open source technologies play a vital role in every organization’s infrastructure stack, yet stakeholders often don’t know how essential these components are, or who is responsible for their support and maintenance. As the ecosystem of web infrastructure evolves, it’s worth asking: Do you know what critical infrastructure software your organization is running?

About the Webinar  

In this on-dmeand webinar, join Javier Perez (Chief OSS Evangelist, Perforce Software), Dave McAllister (Senior OSS Technical Evangelist, NGINX), and Joe Carder (Enterprise Solutions Architect, OpenLogic by Perforce) to learn about the current landscape of open source infrastructure. You’ll hear about the software responsible for business-critical applications, and get insights into:

  • The most popular and reliable open source web infrastructure technologies 
  • Web and app server trends and use cases 
  • Releases, life cycles, and technical support options for organizations  
  • Deployment considerations for enterprise teams  
  • And more!

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Javier Perez 2023 Headshot

Javier Perez

Chief OSS Evangelist and Senior Director of Product Management, Perforce Software

Passionate about technology and open source software, Javier is the Chief Open Source Evangelist and Senior Director of Product Management at Perforce Software. He is responsible for technical thought leadership and advocacy for open source software while driving the OpenLogic by Perforce offering. Javier has been in the application development, open source, cloud, app security, AI, SaaS, and mobile industries for 25+ years. As a speaker and blogger, he has had the opportunity to present at industry events all over the world. Javier holds an honors degree in Computer Systems and an MBA.

Joe Carder Headshot

Joe Carder

Enterprise Solutions Architect, OpenLogic by Perforce

Joe has been working in IT for the past 25 years, with 15 of those years specializing in web and application based enterprise solutions. He focuses currently on Apache Web Server and J2EE technologies.

Headshot Dave MacAllister

Dave McAllister

OSS Technical Evangelist, NGINX

Dave works with open source projects in the NGINX product group at F5 to promote the advantages of modern architectures and orchestration for solving the challenges of large-scale distributed systems, especially with today's fast-moving cycles.
Dave has been a champion of open systems and open source from the early days of Linux to today's world of clouds and containers. He speaks on topics such as the real-world issues associated with emerging software architectures and practices. Currently, his driving interests are app management, observability, and service mesh.
Dave was named as one of the top ten pioneers in open source by Computer Business Review, having cut his teeth on Linux and compilers before the phrase "open source" was coined.