Get Expert CentOS 6 Extended Support

CentOS 6 LTS from OpenLogic ensures complete extended support for CentOS 6. Get 24/7/365 support and guidance from our enterprise Linux experts, bug fixes and patches — all on guaranteed SLAs.

When you are ready to upgrade or move to a different distribution, our team of Linux experts can help you plan and execute the right long-term move.

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Benefits of CentOS 6 LTS From OpenLogic

24/7/365 CentOS Support and Guidance

Get around the clock support with 2-hour response times from our Linux experts.

Support From Architects

Enjoy direct access to our experienced enterprise architects – no wasting time on ticket escalation.

On-Demand Download Hub

Get secure access to our CentOS 6 Download Hub, containing backported  patches, bug-fixes, and more.

Guaranteed SLAs

Risk-mitigating SLAs for workaround and standard fixes means you hit your SLOs.

Dedicated Migration Services

When you’re ready to upgrade or migrate, our dedicated experts are here to help.

What Does CentOS 6 Support From OpenLogic Look Like?

With OpenLogic support, you get direct access to our team of experienced enterprise architects. Guaranteed SLAs mean faster, hassle-free issue resolution for your team.

Patches and Bug Fixes

After package updates are created, we serve the GPG signed files to you via private or shared repositories (both authenticated) or your customer-specific distribution channel.

Migration Support

When you’re ready to move on from CentOS 6, our team can help you to find the right enterprise Linux distribution to fit your needs.

CentOS 6 Support

Why Is OpenLogic Qualified to Support CentOS?

Our team of experienced enterprise architects have a minimum of 15 years of experience working on IT infrastructure and operations. More, our team is filled with open source champions who support the open source community development model, and contribute regularly to the CentOS community.

Our team creates and manages the official CentOS images for Microsoft Azure. OpenLogic also provides CentOS images for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

Image Support Open Source Experts

Set Your CentOS Strategy

Get guidance on your path forward from CentOS 6 with expert insights from our enterprise architects. Talk with an expert today to understand the costs, risks, and rewards of upgrading, migrating, or supporting your CentOS deployment.

How We Support Open Source

OpenLogic provides support for over 400 open source packages.

Migration Options

OpenLogic can help support and plan your software migrations and upgrades.