What Does RHEL Licensing Cost?

And How Much Can You Save?

Enterprises switching from Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® to CentOS typically save 50% or more in overall licensing and support costs. Determine how much you can save with this calculator.

Your Estimated Savings With CentOS and OpenLogic:


$ Up to  

*Calculator pricing is based on Red Hat’s store, as of Q3 2019.

Why Is CentOS Backed by OpenLogic Support a Better Value?

Migrating to CentOS and engaging OpenLogic for support saves money because:

  • CentOS is a free, community-supported technology, so you pay $0 for software licenses.
  • OpenLogic enhanced support for CentOS costs less than Red Hat support — and it provides the same level of mission-critical services.
  • You get a dynamically scaling model based on actual usage.
  • You do not pay for worst-case fees.

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