CentOS 8 Support Built for the Enterprise

OpenLogic offers the deep expertise, breadth of support, and competitive pricing enterprise organizations need to support CentOS 8 in end of life (EOL). Whether you need the latest patch, want help with a tricky package upgrade, or need training to get your team ready for challenges ahead, OpenLogic can provide the solution.

And our support doesn't stop with CentOS – OpenLogic offers 24/7/365 technical support for over 400 open source technologies, all backed by ironclad SLAs, as well as professional services like consulting, migration planning, innovation guidance, and more. 

CentOS 8 Support for the Enterprise

On-Demand Download Hub

Get access to our secure, automatically updated Linux repository containing patches to CVEs immediately after they go public.

Industry-Leading Extended CentOS 8 Support

OpenLogic extended support for CentOS 8 runs through 2026, surpassing support options from other vendors by a full calendar year.

Proven Enterprise Experience

Our CentOS 8 support is delivered directly by enterprise architects with over 15 years of experience solving the biggest problems in the enterprise.

Unbeatable Breadth of Support

With support for over 450 open source packages -- including top Enterprise Linux distributions -- OpenLogic is the industry leader in technical support for OSS.

“OpenLogic support helps us easily manage our CentOS versions and deploy them rapidly.”

Senior IT Architect

“OpenLogic’s EOL / long term support maintenance capabilities are crucial to our Linux deployments.”

Operations Director

“OpenLogic has been an excellent alternative to high cost commercially licensed products.”

Sales Executive


CentOS 8 Technical Support is Only A Ticket, Email, or Phone Call Away

When you’re running mission-critical workloads on CentOS,  problems can get complex, fast. Having a dependable support vendor that can provide patches — and provide on-demand technical support — is key. 

OpenLogic by Perforce provides the technical support, patches, and stability enterprise orgs need to work with CentOS 8. 

Get the CentOS 8 Support and Services You Need

Get guidance on your path forward with CentOS 8 with expert insights from our enterprise architects. 

Talk with an expert today to understand the costs, risks, and rewards of upgrading, migrating, or supporting your CentOS deployment.

450+ Supported Open Source Packages

OpenLogic supports more open source packages than anyone.

See Migration Options

See how OpenLogic can help support and plan your software migrations and upgrades.