Companies that adopt open source software have everything to gain – faster innovation, decreased costs, better customer experience – if they have an optimized strategy. With our free, 5-minute open source maturity assessment, users get a confidential assessment of their open source maturity as it applies to security, CI/CD, Support, and Innovation.

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About the Maturity Assessment

The Open Source Maturity Assessment was written by our Enterprise Architects to help assess organizational maturity as it applies to open source software. Because open source software touches so many areas of enterprise IT infrastructure today, we broke down overall OSS maturity into five key areas; Security and Governance, CI/CD and Automation, Support and Maintenance, and Innovation.

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Why an Optimized OSS Support Strategy is Key

In a recent Forrester Consulting study commissioned by OpenLogic, they found that enterprise companies who had optimized OSS strategies were 82% more likely to exceed their organizational expectations for that OSS.

Unfortunately, only 64% of those surveyed said they have an optimized strategy for their OSS.


Forrester Consulting Study: Seize The Open Source Opportunity Through Comprehensive, Optimized Strategies

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