Long-Term Support from OpenLogic Reduces Risk and Minimizes Disruption

For this leading insurance and finance company, managing open source software updates was wasting significant developer hours. OpenLogic provided an easy, cost-effective support solution that saved them time and money.

How OpenLogic Helped the Insurance Company

Fix Bugs

The OpenLogic team helped the insurance company fix bugs and remove roadblocks.

Upgrade Versions

The customer can choose when to upgrade to new releases without risk.

Minimize Disruption

Disruption to production was minimized and countless hours were saved.

Version Control Limited Access to Support

One of the world’s leading insurance and finance companies found that continually implementing new versions of open source software strained productivity and resources, but choosing not to upgrade also caused problems. When IT personnel ran into a bug in an old version of an open source software package, community members supporting the package were happy to provide a fix — but only to the current version. After encountering this roadblock several times, the company approached OpenLogic technical support for help finding a solution to the problem.

OpenLogic Provides Required Bug Fixes

OpenLogic’s unique support model addresses the issue of fixing bugs in older versions of open source packages. OpenLogic’s team of experts works with members of the OpenLogic Expert Community to fix bugs in older versions, enabling customers to minimize changes to production environments and saving untold hours in upgrading to newer versions.

Some of the bug fixes needed by the customer in this case were already known to the community and had been fixed in newer versions of the software, but those fixes had not been ported back to earlier releases. In addition, several of the bugs had not yet been reported to the community. OpenLogic contracts with and compensates members of the community to address these bugs on behalf of customers.

Fixes to known bugs were ported back to the older version used by the customer. Previously unreported bugs were escalated to a rapid-release cycle, with OpenLogic’s technical support team and OpenLogic Expert Community members working together to fix the bugs. These bugs were fixed, tested, certified, and provided to the customer via a patch within 12 hours.

Customer Retains Desired Flexibility

By leveraging OpenLogic support and the OpenLogic Expert Community, disruption to the company’s production environment was minimized. The company’s IT management can choose when to upgrade to new releases, and in the meantime they can still take advantage of fixes and enhancements to the open source package.

Get Flexibility With Open Source Support

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