With IDC projecting that 65% of global GDP will be digitalized by 2022, if your company isn’t leveraging customer data to inform business decisions at scale – you’re already a step behind.

Worse, if you’re dealing with an outdated IT infrastructure, you need to modernize your stack before you can begin to realize the true potential of that data.

So how can companies use open source software to modernize their IT infrastructure, and what might that modernization effort look like in practice?

About the Webinar

Join OpenLogic Enterprise Architects Connor Penhale, Tendai Munetsi, Lance Dillon, and Shuddhasatwa Bhattacharya as they discuss potential approaches for solving this common business case, including discussions on the:

  • Risk/reward ratio for each approach.
  • Technologies and competencies needed.
  • Best approach for achieving the business’s goal.

Ready to Modernize Your Stack?

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