With the launch of Java 17 on September 14, users are now experiencing the latest LTS release of Java since Java 11 was released in 2018. While upgrading Java versions can be beneficial from a security and development aspect, it can also be time-consuming and costly for teams on older versions of Java. So, is it worth it to upgrade? And where is Java going after this latest release?

About the Webinar

In this on-demand webinar a panel of Perforce Java experts — CTO Rod Cope, JRebel Product Engineer Michael Rasmussen, and OpenLogic Enterprise Architect John Saboe — pull back the curtain on Java 17’s new features, updates, and what it all means for enterprises using Java.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What to expect with Java 17
  • The potential benefits of upgrading
  • Support and security considerations
  • How upgrading will impact enterprise companies
  • The adoption outlook for Java 17 and beyond

Considering a Move from Oracle Java to OpenJDK 17?

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Talk to an Expert

Rod Cope Headshot 250x250

Rod Cope

CTO, Perforce Software

As the founder of OpenLogic, and now CTO at Perforce Software, Rod Cope provides technical vision and architectural leadership for the company’s globally distributed teams. Rod has over 25 years of experience in software development that spans a number of industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, healthcare, and manufacturing. Rod holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Software Engineering from the University of Louisville.

headshot of John Saboe

John Saboe

Enterprise Architect

John is an Open Source Enterprise Architect on the OpenLogic team at Perforce. John has over 15 years of experience working in technology, including software development, application security, embedded and real time software, networks and protocols, software architecture, training, R&D, and technical leadership. His most recent focus has been on enterprise Java applications, open source messaging frameworks, and security.

Michael Rasmussen — Headshot

Michael Rasmussen

Product Manager for JRebel

Michael Rasmussen is a product manager for JRebel by Perforce, previously having worked more than 10 years on the core technology behind JRebel. Michael is a true geek at heart. His professional interests include everything Java, as well as other languages and technologies for the JVM, including an unhealthy obsession with java bytecode.