AngularJS, the nearly ubiquitous web front end framework, has reached end of life (EOL). For organizations working with AngularJS, that means quickly finding support or risking exposure to potentially devastating vulnerabilities. So how can organizations chart a path forward that minimizes risk and provides ongoing stability for their project?

About the Webinar

In this recorded webinar, Perforce Chief OSS Evangelist Javier Perez discusses how organizations can survive AngularJS EOL, including:

  • The typical OSS lifecycle, including LTS and EOL
  • Key risks of unsupported EOL AngularJS
  • Migration challenges and organizational impact
  • Potential AngularJS alternatives and migration considerations
  • Support options and their benefits
  • And more!

Get LTS for AngularJS Through 2023

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Talk to an Expert

professional headshot of Javier Perez

Javier Perez

Chief Evangelist - Open Source and Security, Perforce Software

Passionate about technology and open-source software, Javier is Chief Evangelist for Open Source and Security at Perforce Software. He is responsible for technical thought leadership and advocacy for the open-source and application security portfolios. 

Javier has been in the application development, open-source, cloud, app security, AI, SaaS, and mobile industries for 20+ years, and has had the opportunity to speak at industry events all over the world. Javier holds an honors degree in Computer Systems and an MBA.