Linux Images Built for the Enterprise

When you’re operating within the cloud at enterprise scale, it’s critical to use fully-supported and secure operating system images. OpenLogic gives organizations a stable and secure platform for cloud innovation by providing up-to-date Enterprise Azure Linux images for the most popular distributions in use today.

In 2021, OpenLogic received a Microsoft US (MSUS) Partner Award for its demonstrated leadership and success in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

Up-to-date Azure Linux images for CentOS, Rocky Linux, and AlmaLinux

Weekday email support included with paid images

Support delivered directly by enterprise architects

OpenLogic Azure Linux Images for Enterprise

OpenLogic takes a templated approach in building their Azure Linux images, meaning users can apply the same QA processes for easy testing and deployment. Images can enable multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, as they are identical between clouds — a boot-time process detects the running environment and enables/disables services and package repos as needed.

To simplify migrations, OpenLogic Azure Linux images are also designed to be as similar among distributions as possible. Finally, each image is kept up to date with the latest patches and includes Monday-Friday email support from our team of enterprise architects.

Centos Images

Azure CentOS Images

OpenLogic CentOS Azure images include CentOS 7, Security Hardened CentOS 7, and CentOS 8:

CentOS Images

Rocky Linux Images

Azure Rocky Linux Images

OpenLogic Rocky Linux Azure images include Rocky Linux 8, Security Hardened Rocky Linux 8, and Rocky Linux 9:

Rocky Linux Images

AlmaLinux Images

Azure AlmaLinux Images

OpenLogic AlmaLinux Azure images include AlmaLinux 8 and AlmaLinux 9:

AlmaLinux Images

How Our Technical Support Works

OpenLogic support provides the expertise and stability to help enterprises succeed with open source software. With support delivered directly by experienced enterprise architects, OpenLogic users get faster issue resolution and expert guidance – all backed by guaranteed SLAs.

Entry level OpenLogic support for Azure images is administered via email Monday-Friday during standard business hours, with upgraded support packages available upon request.

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Over 450 Supported Open Source Packages

OpenLogic support goes beyond Enterprise Linux, with support for over 450 of the top open source packages in use today.

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