Curious about Using Wildfly for Microservices Authentication?

A key step in securing microservices is ensuring proof of identity. The technology you choose to provide this key function can save you significant time in development and long-term application management — or drive up complexity and inefficiency. Choose Wildfly!

Learn Why and How to Use Wildfly for Mutual TLS Authentication

Wildfly, a popular open-source technology, includes a feature that can facilitate proof of identity with zero application-level configuration. Download this white paper, Secure Your Container-Based Microservices with Client Certificate Authentication, to save time and boost the security of your applications by learning:

  • About your options for microservices authentication, including Mutual Transport Layer Security (Mutual TLS), Transport Layer Security (TLS), or JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
  • When it can be advantageous to use Mutual TLS for client certificate authentication instead of TLS or JWT.
  • A step-by-step tutorial for implementing Mutual TLS authentication.
  • How to manage certificates with Wildfly Elytron Client SSL Contexts.