Open Source Is Everywhere

According to Gartner, OSS is used in over 95% of IT organizations worldwide. What’s more, over 70% of enterprises will increase their IT spending in open-source software through 2025.

Those statistics paint a clear picture: open source software is best in class across nearly every area of the enterprise stack.

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In this white paper, Dr. Robin Bloor, preeminent enterprise software analyst and founder of The Bloor Group, discusses the journey of open source – from its origins in shared code, to its current ubiquity in mission-critical enterprise IT infrastructure.

Read the report to learn:

  • A brief history of OSS
  • What drove OSS proliferation
  • How OSS became best in class
  • Current struggles and repeating patterns in OSS
  • The importance of support in realizing success with OSS
  • And more

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