Choosing the right database can be a challenge for any organization. With a wealth of options to choose from and each entry offering a unique set of advantages and disadvantages, choosing the wrong database can have a lasting impact on your organization.

In this guide, we look at 15 of the top open source relational, graph, wide column, key value, and document databases. With analysis from our experts on security and enterprise viability for each database, and comparison matrix by database type, this guide is a must-read for any IT leader.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which databases are covered in this guide?

The Decision Maker's Guide to Open Source Databases includes sections on: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, CockroachDB, Neo4j, JanusGraph, Cassandra, Hadoop, Redis, etcd, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Couchbase, MongoDB, and Jackrabbit.

Who should read this guide? 
Anybody who wants an expert-written, high-level overview of available open source databases in one place should read this guide. It will be useful for any IT leader using databases in their IT infrastructure.

Which free database is best? ​​​​
Choosing the right free database depends on the needs of your system or application. The Decision Maker’s Guide to Open Source Databases is a great resource for those who need guidance on which databases to consider.

Our team is considering implementing one of the databases in this guide and would like some guidance. How do we get in touch with your team? ​​​​​
Our experts are standing by to answer your questions. Please visit to get started.