Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Forrester Consulting study? Take a minute to review our answers to these frequently asked questions.

Does this study consider Enterprise open source software?

Yes. This study targeted decision makers at North American enterprise organizations. The software these enterprise organizations are working with are likely open source enterprise software, by necessity.

What are the advantages of open source Enterprise software?

The benefits of open source software are far-reaching for enterprise organizations, even in categories we don’t typically associate with open source ROI – like developer satisfaction/retention. This study dives in on the open source benefits that Enterprise organization are experiencing, and why open source software benefits like reduced licensing costs are just the tip of the iceberg.

Are there open source pros and cons?

There are a wide array of open source advantages and disadvantages, as mentioned above. And, despite the long list of potential benefits, there are risks of open source. It’s up to each company to weigh the open source benefits and risks, and decide if it’s right for them. (Spoiler alert: the vast majority of companies are using open source in some capacity).

Does the study look at open source adoption?

Yes, this open source study provides detailed analysis on the state of open source adoption, including details on open source issues and open source problems that teams face when adopting open source software.

Who should read this study on OSS strategy?

Anybody who is interested in open source strategy, open source governance, open source risks, or the importance of defining an open source software strategy should read this study.