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Non-security Based Updates

Apache Maven 3.8.7
Regression fixes from Maven 3.8.6
General fixes
Maven Wagon upgrade
Hibernate ORM 6.1.6.Final
A @OneToOne(mappedBy = …​) within an embeddable was causing an IllegalArgumentException (see HHH-15606)
A ClassCastException was thrown when batch-fetching an association of an embeddable (see HHH-15644)
An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException was thrown when selecting an Entity having an Embeddable with more fields than the parent (see HHH-15658)
An UnknownTableReferenceException was thrown during the initialization of an ElementCollection of Embeddable containing a MayToOne association with an Entity containing a ManyToMany association (see HHH-15713)
JBoss Web Services 6.1.0.Final
[JBWS-4252] - Review docs in and fix broken link
[JBWS-4289] - Update javax spec name and package name to jakarta in adoc files
[JBWS-4290] - Remove log4j 1.x from WFLY module dependencies
[JBWS-4291] - Remove the old jdocbook format doc files
Jenkins 2.384
Align Build Executor Status collapsed content with build queue design pattern. (issue 70121)
Remove support for log rotation via SIGALRM. The command-line argument --daemon has been removed. (pull 7256)
Restore link to last breadcrumb. (issue 70169)

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