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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Security Based Updates

Apache Cassandra 4.0.8            
Log warning message on aggregation queries without key or on multiple keys (CASSANDRA-18219)            
Fix the output of FQL dump tool to properly separate entries (CASSANDRA-18215)            
Add cache type information for maximum memory usage warning message (CASSANDRA-18184)            
Fix NPE in fqltool dump on null value (CASSANDRA-18113)            
Improve unit tests performance (CASSANDRA-17427)            
Connect to listen address when own broadcast address is requested (CASSANDRA-18200)            
Add safeguard so cleanup fails when node has pending ranges (CASSANDRA-16418)            
Fix legacy clustering serialization for paging with compact storage (CASSANDRA-17507)            
Add support for python 3.11 (CASSANDRA-18088)            
Fix formatting of duration in cqlsh (CASSANDRA-18141)            
Fix sstable loading of keyspaces named snapshots or backups (CASSANDRA-14013)            
Avoid ConcurrentModificationException in STCS/DTCS/TWCS.getSSTables (CASSANDRA-17977)            
Restore internode custom tracing on 4.0's new messaging system (CASSANDRA-17981)            
Harden parsing of boolean values in CQL in PropertyDefinitions (CASSANDRA-17878)            
Fix error message about type hints (CASSANDRA-17915)            
Fix possible race condition on repair snapshots (CASSANDRA-17955)            
Fix ASM bytecode version inconsistency (CASSANDRA-17873)            
Merged from 3.11:            
Fix Splitter sometimes creating more splits than requested (CASSANDRA-18013)            
Merged from 3.0:            
Introduce check for names of test classes (CASSANDRA-17964)            
Suppress CVE-2022-41915 (CASSANDRA-18147)            
Suppress CVE-2021-1471, CVE-2021-3064, CVE-2021-4235 (CASSANDRA-18149)            
Switch to snakeyaml's SafeConstructor (CASSANDRA-18150)            
Expand build.dir property in rat targets (CASSANDRA-18183)            
Suppress CVE-2022-41881 (CASSANDRA-18148)            
Default role is created with zero timestamp (CASSANDRA-12525)            
Suppress CVE-2021-37533 (CASSANDRA-18146)            
Add to the IntelliJ Git Window issue navigation links to Cassandra's Jira (CASSANDRA-18126)            
Avoid anticompaction mixing data from two different time windows with TWCS (CASSANDRA-17970)            
Do not spam the logs with MigrationCoordinator not being able to pull schemas (CASSANDRA-18096)            
Fix incorrect resource name in LIST PERMISSION output (CASSANDRA-17848)            
Suppress CVE-2022-41854 and similar (CASSANDRA-18083)            
Fix running Ant rat targets without git (CASSANDRA-17974)

Keycloak 20.0.4           
Prevent endless loop in case of split-brain           
Fix linebreaks in XML / SAML signatures           
Allow managing the username idn homograph validator           
HTML Injection in Keycloak Admin REST API           
Fixes for OOB endpoint and KeycloakSanitizer           
Resolving dns names used from tests from local host file           
CVE-2022-41854/CVE-2022-38752 Snakeyaml vulnerable to Stack overflow           
Update to Quarkus 2.13.7.Final           
Remove duplicate references on the main pom.xml for SnakeYAML           
CVE-2022-45047 - Deserialization of Untrusted Data vulnerability

Node.js 19.6.1          
The following CVEs are fixed in this release:          
CVE-2023-23919: OpenSSL errors not cleared in error stack (Medium)          
CVE-2023-23918: Experimental Policies bypass via process.mainModule.require(High)          
CVE-2023-23920: Insecure loading of ICU data through ICU_DATA environment variable (Low)          
This security release includes OpenSSL security updates as outlined in the recent OpenSSL security advisory and undici security update.          
build: build ICU with ICU_NO_USER_DATA_OVERRIDE (RafaelGSS) nodejs-private/node-private#374          
crypto: clear OpenSSL error on invalid ca cert (RafaelGSS) nodejs-private/node-private#368          
deps: update undici to 5.19.1 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46634          
deps: update undici to 5.18.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46502          
deps: update undici to 5.17.1 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46502          
deps: cherry-pick Windows ARM64 fix for openssl (Richard Lau) #46573          
deps: update archs files for quictls/openssl-3.0.8+quic (RafaelGSS) #46573          
deps: upgrade openssl sources to quictls/openssl-3.0.8+quic (RafaelGSS) #46573          
lib: makeRequireFunction patch when experimental policy (RafaelGSS) nodejs-private/node-private#358          
policy: makeRequireFunction on mainModule.require (RafaelGSS) nodejs-private/node-private#358

PHP Interpreter 8.2.3         
Fixed bug #81744 (Password_verify() always return true with some hash). (CVE-2023-0567)         
Fixed bug #81746 (1-byte array overrun in common path resolve code). (CVE-2023-0568)         
Fixed bug GHSA-54hq-v5wp-fqgv (DOS vulnerability when parsing multipart request body). (CVE-2023-0662)

Non-Security Based Updates

Apache Spark 3.3.2                 
[SPARK-38697]: Extend SparkSessionExtensions to inject rules into AQE Optimizer        
[SPARK-40872]: Fallback to original shuffle block when a push-merged shuffle chunk is zero-size        
[SPARK-41388]: getReusablePVCs should ignore recently created PVCs in the previous batch        
[SPARK-42071]: Register scala.math.Ordering$Reverse to KyroSerializer        
[SPARK-32380]: sparksql cannot access hive table while data in hbase        
[SPARK-39404]: Unable to query _metadata in streaming if getBatch returns multiple logical nodes in the DataFrame        
[SPARK-40493]: Revert “[SPARK-33861][SQL] Simplify conditional in predicate”        
[SPARK-40588]: Sorting issue with partitioned-writing and AQE turned on        
[SPARK-40817]: Remote spark.jars URIs ignored for Spark on Kubernetes in cluster mode        
[SPARK-40819]: Parquet INT64 (TIMESTAMP(NANOS,true)) now throwing Illegal Parquet type instead of automatically converting to LongType        
[SPARK-40829]: STORED AS serde in CREATE TABLE LIKE view does not work        
[SPARK-40851]: TimestampFormatter behavior changed when using the latest Java 8/11/17        
[SPARK-40869]: KubernetesConf.getResourceNamePrefix creates invalid name prefixes        
[SPARK-40874]: Fix broadcasts in Python UDFs when encryption is enabled        
[SPARK-40902]: Quick submission of drivers in tests to mesos scheduler results in dropping drivers        
[SPARK-40918]: Mismatch between ParquetFileFormat and FileSourceScanExec in # columns for WSCG.isTooManyFields when using _metadata        
[SPARK-40924]: Unhex function works incorrectly when input has uneven number of symbols        
[SPARK-40932]: Barrier: messages for allGather will be overridden by the following barrier APIs        
[SPARK-40963]: ExtractGenerator sets incorrect nullability in new Project        
[SPARK-40987]: Avoid creating a directory when deleting a block, causing DAGScheduler to not work        
[SPARK-41035]: Incorrect results or NPE when a literal is reused across distinct aggregations        
[SPARK-41118]: to_number/try_to_number throws NullPointerException when format is null        
[SPARK-41144]: UnresolvedHint should not cause query failure        
[SPARK-41151]: Keep built-in file _metadata column nullable value consistent        
[SPARK-41154]: Incorrect relation caching for queries with time travel spec        
[SPARK-41162]: Anti-join must not be pushed below aggregation with ambiguous predicates        
[SPARK-41187]: [Core] LiveExecutor MemoryLeak in AppStatusListener when ExecutorLost happen        
[SPARK-41188]: Set executorEnv OMP_NUM_THREADS to be spark.task.cpus by default for spark executor JVM processes        
[SPARK-41254]: YarnAllocator.rpIdToYarnResource map is not properly updated        
[SPARK-41327]: Fix SparkStatusTracker.getExecutorInfos by switch On/OffHeapStorageMemory info        
[SPARK-41339]: RocksDB state store WriteBatch doesn’t clean up native memory        
[SPARK-41350]: allow simple name access of using join hidden columns after subquery alias        
[SPARK-41365]: Stages UI page fails to load for proxy in some yarn versions        
[SPARK-41375]: Avoid empty latest KafkaSourceOffset:        
[SPARK-41376]: Executor netty direct memory check should respect        
[SPARK-41379]: Inconsistency of spark session in DataFrame in user function for foreachBatch sink in PySpark        
[SPARK-41385]: Replace deprecated .newInstance() in K8s module        
[SPARK-41395]: InterpretedMutableProjection can corrupt unsafe buffer when used with decimal data        
[SPARK-41448]: Make consistent MR job IDs in FileBatchWriter and FileFormatWriter        
[SPARK-41458]: Correctly transform the SPI services for Yarn Shuffle Service        
[SPARK-41468]: Fix PlanExpression handling in EquivalentExpressions        
[SPARK-41522]: GA dependencies test faild        
[SPARK-41535]: InterpretedUnsafeProjection and InterpretedMutableProjection can corrupt unsafe buffer when used with calendar interval data        
[SPARK-41554]: Decimal.changePrecision produces ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException        
[SPARK-41668]: DECODE function returns wrong results when passed NULL        
[SPARK-41732]: Session window: analysis rule “SessionWindowing” does not apply tree-pattern based pruning        
[SPARK-41989]: PYARROW_IGNORE_TIMEZONE warning can break application logging setup        
[SPARK-42084]: Avoid leaking the qualified-access-only restriction        
[SPARK-42090]: Introduce sasl retry count in RetryingBlockTransferor        
[SPARK-42134]: Fix getPartitionFiltersAndDataFilters() to handle filters without referenced attributes        
[SPARK-42157]: spark.scheduler.mode=FAIR should provide FAIR scheduler        
[SPARK-42176]: Cast boolean to timestamp fails with ClassCastException        
[SPARK-42188]: Force SBT protobuf version to match Maven on branch 3.2 and 3.3        
[SPARK-42201]: build/sbt should allow SBT_OPTS to override JVM memory setting        
[SPARK-42222]: Spark 3.3 Backport: SPARK-41344 Reading V2 datasource masks underlying error        
[SPARK-42259]: ResolveGroupingAnalytics should take care of Python UDAF        
[SPARK-42344]: The default size of the CONFIG_MAP_MAXSIZE should not be greater than 1048576        
[SPARK-42346]: distinct(count colname) with UNION ALL causes query analyzer bug        
[SPARK-38277]: Clear write batch after RocksDB state store’s commit        
[SPARK-40913]: Pin pytest==7.1.3        
[SPARK-41089]: Relocate Netty native arm64 libs        
[SPARK-41360]: Avoid BlockManager re-registration if the executor has been lost        
[SPARK-41476]: Prevent from triggering CIs        
[SPARK-41541]: Fix wrong child call in SQLShuffleWriteMetricsReporter.decRecordsWritten()        
[SPARK-41962]: Update the import order of scala package in class SpecificParquetRecordReaderBase        
[SPARK-42230]: Improve lint job by skipping PySpark and SparkR docs if unchanged        
[SPARK-41863]: Skip flake8 tests if the command is not available        
[SPARK-41864]: Fix mypy linter errors        
[SPARK-42110]: Reduce the number of repetition in ParquetDeltaEncodingSuite.random data test        
[SPARK-41415]: SASL Request Retries        
[SPARK-41538]: Metadata column should be appended at the end of project list        
[SPARK-40983]: Remove Hadoop requirements for zstd mention in Parquet compression codec        
[SPARK-41185]: Remove ARM limitation for YuniKorn from docs                
[SPARK-35542]: Fix: Bucketizer created for multiple columns with parameters splitsArray, inputCols and outputCols can not be loaded after saving it        
[SPARK-36057]: SPIP: Support Customized Kubernetes Schedulers        
[SPARK-38034]: Optimize TransposeWindow rule        
[SPARK-38404]: Improve CTE resolution when a nested CTE references an outer CTE        
[SPARK-38614]: Don’t push down limit through window that’s using percent_rank        
[SPARK-38717]: Handle Hive’s bucket spec case preserving behaviour        
[SPARK-38796]: Update to_number and try_to_number functions to allow PR with positive numbers        
[SPARK-39184]: Handle undersized result array in date and timestamp sequences        
[SPARK-39200]: Make Fallback Storage readFully on content        
[SPARK-39340]: DS v2 agg pushdown should allow dots in the name of top-level columns        
[SPARK-39355]: Single column uses quoted to construct UnresolvedAttribute        
[SPARK-39419]: Fix ArraySort to throw an exception when the comparator returns null        
[SPARK-39447]: Avoid AssertionError in AdaptiveSparkPlanExec.doExecuteBroadcast        
[SPARK-39476]: Disable Unwrap cast optimize when casting from Long to Float/ Double or from Integer to Float        
[SPARK-39548]: CreateView Command with a window clause query hit a wrong window definition not found issue        
[SPARK-39570]: Inline table should allow expressions with alias        
[SPARK-39614]: K8s pod name follows DNS Subdomain Names rule        
[SPARK-39633]: Support timestamp in seconds for TimeTravel using Dataframe options

[SPARK-39647]: Register the executor with ESS before registering the BlockManager        
[SPARK-39650]: Fix incorrect value schema in streaming deduplication with backward compatibility        
[SPARK-39656]: Fix wrong namespace in DescribeNamespaceExec        
[SPARK-39657]: YARN AM client should call the non-static setTokensConf method        
[SPARK-39672]: Fix removing project before filter with correlated subquery        
[SPARK-39758]: Fix NPE from the regexp functions on invalid patterns        
[SPARK-39775]: Disable validate default values when parsing Avro schemas        
[SPARK-39806]: Accessing _metadata on partitioned table can crash a query        
[SPARK-39833]: Disable Parquet column index in DSv1 to fix a correctness issue in the case of overlapping partition and data columns        
[SPARK-39835]: Fix EliminateSorts remove global sort below the local sort        
[SPARK-39839]: Handle special case of null variable-length Decimal with non-zero offsetAndSize in UnsafeRow structural integrity check        
[SPARK-39847]: Fix race condition in RocksDBLoader.loadLibrary() if caller thread is interrupted        
[SPARK-39857]: V2ExpressionBuilder uses the wrong LiteralValue data type for In predicate        
[SPARK-39867]: Global limit should not inherit OrderPreservingUnaryNode        
[SPARK-39887]: RemoveRedundantAliases should keep aliases that make the output of projection nodes unique        
[SPARK-39896]: UnwrapCastInBinaryComparison should work when the literal of In/InSet downcast failed        
[SPARK-39900]: Address partial or negated condition in binary format’s predicate pushdown        
[SPARK-39911]: Optimize global Sort to RepartitionByExpression        
[SPARK-39915]: Dataset.repartition(N) may not create N partitions Non-AQE part        
[SPARK-39915]: Ensure the output partitioning is user-specified in AQE        
[SPARK-39932]: WindowExec should clear the final partition buffer        
[SPARK-39951]: Update Parquet V2 columnar check for nested fields        
[SPARK-39952]: SaveIntoDataSourceCommand should recache result relation        
[SPARK-39962]: Apply projection when group attributes are empty        
[SPARK-39976]: ArrayIntersect should handle null in left expression correctly        
[SPARK-40002]: Don’t push down limit through window using ntile        
[SPARK-40065]: Mount ConfigMap on executors with non-default profile as well        
[SPARK-40079]: Add Imputer inputCols validation for empty input case        
[SPARK-40089]: Fix sorting for some Decimal types        
[SPARK-40117]: Convert condition to java in DataFrameWriterV2.overwrite        
[SPARK-40121]: Initialize projection used for Python UDF        
[SPARK-40132]: Restore rawPredictionCol to MultilayerPerceptronClassifier.setParams        
[SPARK-40149]: Propagate metadata columns through Project        
[SPARK-40152]: Fix split_part codegen compilation issue        
[SPARK-40169]: Don’t pushdown Parquet filters with no reference to data schema        
[SPARK-40212]: SparkSQL castPartValue does not properly handle byte, short, or float        
[SPARK-40213]: Support ASCII value conversion for Latin-1 characters        
[SPARK-40218]: GROUPING SETS should preserve the grouping columns        
[SPARK-40228]: Do not simplify multiLike if child is not a cheap expression        
[SPARK-40247]: Fix BitSet equality check        
[SPARK-40280]: Add support for parquet push down for annotated int and long        
[SPARK-40297]: CTE outer reference nested in CTE main body cannot be resolved        
[SPARK-40362]: Fix BinaryComparison canonicalization        
[SPARK-40380]: Fix constant-folding of InvokeLike to avoid non-serializable literal embedded in the plan        
[SPARK-40385]: Fix interpreted path for companion object constructor        
[SPARK-40389]: Decimals can’t upcast as integral types if the cast can overflow        
[SPARK-40468]: Fix column pruning in CSV when _corrupt_record is selected        
[SPARK-40508]: Treat unknown partitioning as UnknownPartitioning        
[SPARK-40535]: Fix bug the buffer of AggregatingAccumulator will not be created if the input rows is empty        
[SPARK-40562]: Add spark.sql.legacy.groupingIdWithAppendedUserGroupBy        
[SPARK-40612]: Fixing the principal used for delegation token renewal on non-YARN resource managers        
[SPARK-40660]: Switch to XORShiftRandom to distribute elements        
[SPARK-40703]: Introduce shuffle on SinglePartition to improve parallelism        
Dependency Changes        
While being a maintenance release we did still upgrade some dependencies in this release they are:     
[SPARK-40801]: Upgrade Apache Commons Text to 1.10        
[SPARK-40886]: Bump Jackson Databind        
[SPARK-41030]: Upgrade Apache Ivy to 2.5.1        
[SPARK-41031]: Upgrade org.tukaani:xz to 1.9        
[SPARK-41202]: Update ORC to 1.7.7        
[SPARK-41686]: Upgrade Apache Ivy to 2.5.1        
[SPARK-42179]: Upgrade ORC to 1.7.8

Apache Tomcat 10.1.6       
Fix:  Allow a Valve to access cookies from a request that cannot be mapped to a Context. (markt)       
Fix:  66438: Correct names of Jakarta modules in JPMS metadata. (markt)       
Update:  Switch to using the ServiceLoader mechanism to load the custom URL protocol handlers that Tomcat uses. (markt)       
Fix:  Avoid possible ISE when scanning from bad JAR URLs, to restore the previous behavior following the removal of Java 9+ reflection code which caught the ISE. (remm)       
Fix:  Refactor uses of String.replaceAll() to use String.replace() where regular expressions where not being used. Pull request #581 provided by Andrei Briukhov. (markt)       
Add:  Add error report valve that allows redirecting to of proxying from an external web server. Based on code and ideas from pull request #506 provided by Max Fortun. (remm)       
Add:  66470: Add the Shared Address Space defined by RFC 6598 ( to the regular expression used to identify internal proxies for the RemoteIpFilter and RemoteIpValve. (markt)       
Fix:  66471: Fix JSessionId secure attribute missing When RemoteIpFilter determines that this request was submitted via a secure channel. (lihan)       
Fix:  66419: Fix calls from expression language to a method that accepts varargs when only one argument was passed. (markt)       
Fix:  66441: Make imports of static fields in JSPs visible to any EL expressions used on the page. (markt)       
Web applications       
Fix:  66429: Documentation. Limit access to the documentation web application to localhost by default. (markt)       
Fix:  66429: Examples. Limit access to the exmaples web application to localhost by default. (markt)       
Update:  Update BND to 6.4.0. (markt)       
Add:  Improvements to Korean translations. (woonsan)       
Update:  Update the packaged version of the Apache Tomcat Native Library to 2.0.3 to pick up the Windows binaries built with with OpenSSL 3.0.8. (markt) 

Elasticsearch 8.6.2      
The categorize_text aggregation has been moved from technical preview to general availability.      
Similar to the existing geo_centroid aggregation, this new metric aggregation, cartesian_centroid, calculates the centroid over cartesian point and shape fields      
Similar to the existing geo_bounds aggregation, this new metric aggregation, cartesian_bounds, calculates the bounds of cartesian point and shape fields. 

Etc-d 3.4.24     
#etcd server     
Fix etcdserver might promote a non-started learner.     
Improve mvcc: reduce count-only range overhead     
Improve mvcc: push down RangeOptions.limit argv into index tree to reduce memory overhead     
Improve server: set multiple concurrentReadTx instances share one txReadBuffer     
#Package clientv3     
Fix etcd might send duplicated events to watch clients.     
Upgrade from v1.9.5 to v1.11.0.     
Bump bbolt to v1.3.7.     
Updated base image from base-debian11 to static-debian11 and removed dependency on busybox.     
#Package pkg/logutil     
Fix aligning zap log timestamp resolution to microseconds. Etcd now uses zap timestamp format: 2006-01-02T15:04:05.999999Z0700 (microsecond instead of milliseconds precision).     
#Package netutil     
Fix consistently format IPv6 addresses for comparison

Jenkins 2.391    
The default connection mode for the Java CLI client is now webSocket. You can specify http to continue to use the former default (for example because you are running Jenkins in a servlet container other than the recommended builtin Jetty, or because you are running an unusual reverse proxy which does not support WebSocket). You can also continue to specify ssh to use SSH transport (for example because you prefer to authenticate with a private key rather than an API token), or use a native SSH client. (pull 7605)    
Correct responsive behavior on resize of the 'About Jenkins' page. (issue 70191)    
Fix the behaviour of filtering in Build History Widget. (issue 70438)    
Fix behaviour of booleanRadio in a repeatable section. (issue 70139)    
Fix computer links navigation consistency. (pull 7608)    
Upgrade bundled Winstone from 6.7 to 6.10. Add the excludeProtocols option. Improve logging during shutdown.

Promethus 2.37.6   
This release contains a toolchain update. It is built on top of Go 1.19, as the Go   
1.18 release is no longer supported upstream.

Nexus 3.47.1  
[NEXUS-37309] - db-migrator fails with "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -9"  
[NEXUS-37325] - MissingBlobException and slow downloads after upgrading to 3.47.0

Gitlab 15.8.3 
#Fixed (3 changes) 
[Attempt reading schema file instead of a file named `#{report_version}`](gitlab-org/gitlab@f4b236c5f22c2da89bd4275cd8f5bf2807069ee4) ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!111934)) 
[Revert changes on wiki replication/verification legacy code](gitlab-org/gitlab@71b29b669f0415fa371560139d699aa7ad568549) ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!111934)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition** 
[Revert changes on wiki replication/verification legacy code](gitlab-org/gitlab@fd824d99fb7b341088841edfaa6c401c4c20dad8) ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!111879)) **GitLab Enterprise Edition** 
#Changed (1 change) 
- [Upgrade Alert - Add proper API support](gitlab-org/gitlab@6658efdbfb89847f20836e862710260e49c44778) ([merge request](gitlab-org/gitlab!111934))

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