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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Non-Security Updates

Apache Struts 6.0.0
[WW-3534] - PrepareOperations.createActionContext does not detect existing context correctly
[WW-3730] - action tag accepts only String arrays as parameters
[WW-4723] - s:url incompatible with JDK 1.5
[WW-4742] - Problem with escape when the key from getText has no value

Jenkins 2.350 
Allow running on Java 17 without --enable-future-java. (pull 6602)
Use the default system font for Google Chrome. (pull 6614)
Use the newer Jenkins logo for OpenSearch. (pull 6596)
Save and Apply buttons no longer appear in front of menus (regression in 2.337) (issue 68640)

MyBatis 3.5.10
Unexpected illegal reflective access warning (or InaccessibleObjectException on Java 16+) when calling method in OGNL expression. #2392
IllegalAccessException when auto-mapping Records (JEP-359) #2195
'interrupted' status is not set when PooledConnection#getConnection() is interrupted. #2503

SQLite 3.38.5 
Added the -> and ->> operators for easier processing of JSON. The new operators are compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL.
The JSON functions are now built-ins. It is no longer necessary to use the -DSQLITE_ENABLE_JSON1 compile-time option to enable JSON support. JSON is on by default. Disable the JSON interface using the new -DSQLITE_OMIT_JSON compile-time option.
Enhancements to date and time functions:
Added the unixepoch() function.
Added the auto modifier and the julianday modifier.

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