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  • Experts Notice Sudden Surge in Exploitation of WordPress Page Builder Plugin Vulnerability.
  • Daily Crunch: After Developers Complain, Microsoft Clarifies New Policy on Open Source Monetization.
  • ScyllaDB V Open Source NoSQL Database Embraces WebAssembly.

Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


News for OpenLogic Open Source Offerings

OpenLogic is pleased to announce that new OpenLogic images are available for both Rocky Linux 9.0 and AlmaLinux 9.0. These offerings are available for use on vagrant, Azure, Amazon AWS and Google. If you are interested in professional support or services pertaining to Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux, please email or visit to talk to an expert today!
For more information on the releases, please read our latest blog offerings at and
Images Available At: 


Security Based Updates

OpenSSL 1.1.1q
AES OCB mode for 32-bit x86 platforms using the AES-NI assembly optimised implementation would not encrypt the entirety of the data under some circumstances.  This could reveal sixteen bytes of data that was preexisting in the memory that wasn't written.  In the special case of "in place" encryption, sixteen bytes of the plaintext would be revealed.
Since OpenSSL does not support OCB based cipher suites for TLS and DTLS, they are both unaffected. (CVE-2022-2097) [Alex Chernyakhovsky, David Benjamin, Alejandro Sedeño]

Non-security Based Updates

Jenkins 2.259
New design for configure project page. (issue 68282)
Do not drop scale on sidebar symbols when the link text is longer than a line. (issue 68816)
Remove the margin from the changelog url. (issue 68960)
Don't display the job creation button to a user without Job/Create permission. (issue 68208)
Developer: Support Java 11 in hudson.slaves.Channels#newJVM. (pull 6723)
Kubernetes 1.24.3
Fix a bug on endpointslices tests comparing the wrong metrics (#110920, @jluhrsen) [SIG Apps and Network]
Fix a bug that caused the wrong result length when using --chunk-size and --selector together (#110735, @Abirdcfly) [SIG API Machinery and Testing]
Fix bug that prevented the job controller from enforcing activeDeadlineSeconds when set (#110544, @harshanarayana) [SIG Apps]
Fix image pulling failure when IMDS is unavailable in kubelet startup (#110523, @andyzhangx) [SIG Cloud Provider]
Rocky Linux 9.0
Software can be run on a separate graphics card by right-clicking and selecting the appropriate option
The ability to mute notifications by selecting Do not disturb, which will appear as a separate button in the notification
Each screen can use a different refresh rate
The Activities program allows you to group application icons into folders using a drag-and-drop method
AlmaLinux 9.0
- New repositories added
- Updated dynamic programming languages, web and database servers
- Updated Components 
- Compiler updates  

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