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Non-security Based Updates

Apache Camel 3.20.0
camel-ldap - InvalidSearchFilterException: invalid attribute description

camel-core-model: RouteDefinitionHelper should resolve the intercepted from URI which is configured with property placeholder

camel-yaml-dsl - Using method call in filter EIP not working

Camel-telegram: bug while unregistreing webhook with autoregister=true

Docker Compose 2.14.2
volume: fix WCOW volume mounts by @milas in #10090
only list running containers when --all=false by @ndeloof in #10086
fix regression 😓 running pull --ignore-pull-failures by @ndeloof in #10098
set CPU quota by @ndeloof in #10100

Drools 8.32.0.Final
[DROOLS-7105] - DMN upgrade to Antlr 4.10 (specifically 4.10.1)
[DROOLS-7230] - Add event listners to RuleUnitInstance
[DROOLS-7232] - Take AgendaFilter in
[DROOLS-7251] - improve Drools doc dlist formatting

Eclipse 2022-12
The full in depth release notes for this version of Eclipse are available at

Jenkins 2.384
Align Build Executor Status collapsed content with build queue design pattern. (issue 70121)
Remove support for log rotation via SIGALRM. (pull 7256)
Restore link to last breadcrumb. (issue 70169)

Narayana 5.13.1
[JBTM-2221] - Remove old TXFramework API
[JBTM-3640] - Remove and replace Jacorb in performance repo (product)
[JBTM-3668] - Update resteasy dependencies in quickstarts (updated)
[JBTM-3674] - Mark NarayanaLRAClient as deprecated
[JBTM-3719] - Deprecate OSGi module

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