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Non-Security Updates

Jboss Drools 7.68.0.Final
[DROOLS-6138] - executable-model test failure in test-compiler-integration LengthSlidingWindowTest
[DROOLS-6139] - executable-model test failure in test-compiler-integration LinkingTest
[DROOLS-6837] - LoadBalancer does not use Authentication to check on failed endpoints
[DROOLS-6866] - RuleServicesClientImpl.executeCommandsWithResults() doesn't correctly fail over with client LoadBalancer

Firefox 99.0.1
Fixed an issue for Windows users that prevented hardware video decoding on newer Intel drivers (bug 1762125)
Fixed an issue with text rendering in Bengali (bug 1763368)
Fixed a selection issue in the Download panel with drag and drop (bug 1762723)
Fixed an issue preventing Zoom gallery mode for users who go to URLs instead of URLs (bug 1763801)

Jenkins 2.343
Avoid a deadlock between agent class loading and logging. (issue 68122)
Run downstream jobs (regression in 2.341). (issue 67237)
Improve agent availability help. (issue 67744)
Reject connections from agents with unsupported Remoting versions. (issue 50211)

Wildfly 26.1.0.Final
[WFLY-14266] - JCA: enable configuration of resource adapter validation log directory
[WFLY-14347] - Allow to configure module for custom validation classes
[WFLY-14846] - Automatic registration of client side / JVM wide default SSLContext
[WFLY-15075] - Add encryption support to FileSystemSecurityRealm

Nagios 4.4.7
* Fixed checkboxes in jsonquery.html (#778) (Rfferrao87)
* Added SSL support for version update check (Sebastian Wolf)
* Note: NEB modules using the priority/scheduling queues in libnagios may need to update headers due to symbol conflicts with OpenSSL.
* Fixed XSS in homepage when displaying update check results (Sebastian Wolf)

PHP 8.1.5, 8.0.18 and 7.4.29
Fixed bug #8176 (Enum values in property initializers leak).
Fixed freeing of internal attribute arguments.
Fixed bug #8070 (memory leak of internal function attribute hash).
Fixed bug #8160 (ZTS support on Alpine is broken).
Fixed freeing of internal attribute arguments.
Fixed bug #8070 (memory leak of internal function attribute hash).
Fixed bug #8160 (ZTS support on Alpine is broken).
No source changes to this release. This update allows for re-building the Windows binaries against upgraded dependencies which have received security updates.

Spring Framework 5.3.19
Remove DNS lookups during websocket connection initiation #28280
Add application/graphql+json Media type and MIME type constants #28271
Fix debug log for no matching acceptableTypes #28116
Provide support for post-processing a LocalValidatorFactoryBean's validator Configuration without requiring sub-classing #27956

Spring Security 5.6.3
AuthorizationManagerWebInvocationPrivilegeEvaluator should grant access when AuthorizationManager abstains #10951
Change HashSet to LinkedHashSet for RelyingPartyRegistration credentials #10916
Fix saml2 authentication-requests documentation #11047
Remove "Hi servlet/authentication/architecture there" from docs #10963

Apache Subversion 1.14.2
* Fix -r option documentation for some svnadmin subcommands (r1896877)
* Fix error message encoding when system() call fails (r1887641, r1890013)
* Fix assertion failure in conflict resolver (r1892470, -471, -541)

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