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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


Security-Based Updates

ISC Bind 9.16.20
Fixed an assertion failure that occurred in named when it attempted to send a UDP packet that exceeded the MTU size, if Response Rate Limiting (RRL) was enabled. (CVE-2021-25218) [GL #2856]
Named failed to check the opcode of responses when performing zone refreshes, stub zone updates, and UPDATE forwarding. This could lead to an assertion failure under certain conditions and has been addressed by rejecting responses whose opcode does not match the expected value. [GL #2762]

Non-Security Updates

Firefox 92
More secure connections: Firefox can now automatically upgrade to HTTPS using HTTPS RR as Alt-Svc headers.
Full-range color levels are now supported for video playback on many systems.
Mac users can now access the macOS share options from the Firefox File menu.
Support for images containing ICC v4 profiles is enabled on macOS.

Jenkins 2.309
Fix missing settings/cog icon in Plugin Manager. Fix incorrect folder icon showing in projects (regression in 2.307). (pull 5690)
Add ABORTED threshold to ReverseBuildTrigger. (pull 5542)
Developer: Bump Java Native Access (jna) from 5.8.0 to 5.9.0. (pull 5682, JNA 5.9.0 changelog)
Internal: AntClassLoader (and its subclass PluginFirstClassLoader) and MaskingClassLoader register themselves as parallel-capable. (pull 5687)

Sept 14 | What's New in Java 17?
Join us as our panel of Perforce Java experts discuss the features, improvements, and deprecations in this latest Java LTS version -- including discussions on adoption outlook and upgrade/support considerations.
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Sept 20 | Enabling AI & ML At Scale
In this live radio session from The Bloor Group, Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh and Perforce OSS Evangelist Javier Perez discuss the business impact of AI & ML within the enterprise, and how companies can leverage rapidly growing and increasingly accessible approaches.
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