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OpenSSH 8.7
scp(1): experimental support for transfers using the SFTP protocol as a replacement for the venerable SCP/RCP protocol that it has traditionally used. SFTP offers more predictable filename handling and does not require expansion of glob(3) patterns via the shell on the remote side.
SFTP support may be enabled via a temporary scp -s flag. It is intended for SFTP to become the default transfer mode in the near future, at which time the -s flag will be removed. The -O flag exists to force use of the original SCP/RCP protocol for cases where SFTP may be unavailable or incompatible.
sftp-server(8): add a protocol extension to support expansion of ~/ and ~user/ prefixed paths. This was added to support these paths when used by scp(1) while in SFTP mode.
ssh(1): add a ForkAfterAuthentication ssh_config(5) counterpart to the ssh(1) -f flag. GHPR#231

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.23
getColumnPrecision for Numeric when scale and precision not specified now returns 0 instead of 131089 fixes: Issue #2188
Calling refreshRow on an updateable resultset made the row readOnly. Fixes Issue #2193
results should be updateable if there is a unique index available PR#2199 Fixes Issue #2196
Rework sql type gathering to use OID instead of typname. This does not have the issue of name shadowing / qual-names, and has the added benefit of fixing #1948.

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