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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Security Updates

PHP 7.3.32
Fixed bug #81026 (PHP-FPM oob R/W in root process leading to privilege escalation). (CVE-2021-21703)

Non-Security Updates

Docker 2.1.0
Fix support for devices by @ndeloof in #8732
Make command descriptions consistent by @mat007 in #8739
Restore missing version commands by @Shikachuu in #8738
Add step in README to install on linux by @Yopadd in #8755

Firefox 94.0.1
Fixed browser hangs when viewing fullscreen videos on macOS 10.12 (bug 1737998)

Wildfly 25.0.1.Final
[WFLY-15406] - ha-singleton-service quickstart fails to build
[WFLY-15420] - [25.x] Release module cannot be build if we are skipping WildFly preview module
[WFLY-15424] - Port fix of stability issue with ContextPropagationTestCase to WF 25
[WFLY-15465] - Use of maven-resource-plugin filtering during feature pack generation is picking up binary files

OpenLDAP 2.6.0 was released with no release notes 

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