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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


Non-Security Updates

Apache Camel 3.10.0
camel-core - Splitter may log WARN about splitter closed
camel-kamelet - YAML DSL: Specify an option as optional results in a mandatory option
camel-openstack - Cannot create ObjectStore V3 Client
camel-aws2-sns: messages for different endpoints are published to the same topic

Narayana 5.11.2.Final
[JBTM-3458] - Enable checkstyle for REST-AT Narayana module
[JBTM-3468] - Transaction reaper may stuck on filling log with millions of 'check processing' messages
[JBTM-3474] - LRA filters log an invalid warning about missing CDI
[JBTM-3475] - CI fails because of BanTransitiveDependencies

ISC BIND 9.16.16
DNSSEC responses containing NSEC3 records with iteration counts greater than 150 are now treated as insecure. [GL #2445]
The maximum supported number of NSEC3 iterations that can be configured for a zone has been reduced to 150. [GL #2642]
The default value of the max-ixfr-ratio option was changed to unlimited, for better backwards compatibility in the stable release series. [GL #2671]
Zones that want to transition from secure to insecure mode without becoming bogus in the process must now have their dnssec-policy changed first to insecure, rather than none. After the DNSSEC records have been removed from the zone, the dnssec-policy can be set to none or removed from the configuration. Setting the dnssec-policy to insecure causes CDS and CDNSKEY DELETE records to be published. [GL #2645]

PHP 8.0.6, 7.4.19
Revert "Fixed bug #80892 (PDO::PARAM_INT is treated the same as PDO::PARAM_STR)"
Reverted bug fix for #80892 (PDO::PARAM_INT is treated the same as PDO::PARAM_STR).

Spring Security 5.5.0
Configure user name used for Gradle CI builds #9747
HttpSessionOAuth2AuthorizationRequestRepository storing one OAuth2AuthorizationRequest #9649
Incorrect javadoc in AuthorizationCodeOAuth2AuthorizedClientProvider #9708
Restore Dependency Constraints for commons-codec and commons-logging #8836

On-Demand Replay: Why Strategy Is Key to Open Source Success

In this on-demand webinar, Justin Reock, ex-OSS Evangelist at Perforce Software, is joined by guest speaker Chris Condo, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to discuss the results of a recent Forrester Consulting study on open source software commissioned by OpenLogic.

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