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Non-Security Updates

Docker 3.4.0
Prevent docker run from hanging if inotify event injection fails. Fixes docker/for-mac#5590.
Fixed error showing stderr log in the UI. Fixes docker/for-mac#5688.
Fixed an issue which caused riscv64 emulation to fail on Docker Desktop. Fixes docker/for-mac#5699.
Automatically reclaim space after deleting containers by deleting volumes and removing build cache.

jBoss Drools 7.55.0.Final 
[DROOLS-4863] - Popup message about Doughnut at Coverage Report panel of Test Scenario Editor places behind the ridge of the screen in default page scale
[DROOLS-5395] - Clear selection button doesn't work on Testing Tools when use click property first time.
[DROOLS-5824] - executable-model test failure in test-compiler-integration ExpirationTest
[DROOLS-6330] - CombinedConstraint node sharing with executable-model

Hibernate ORM 5.5.0
HHH-14632 Call statistics.queryPlanCacheHit and statistics.queryPlanCacheMiss for FilterQueryPlan and NativeSQLQueryPlan
HHH-14624 Oracle from version 12 started supporting the offset ? rows fetch next ? rows onlysyntax for pagination
HHH-14240 Stop generating fragments of SQL as uppercase

Narayana 5.12.0.Final 
[JBTM-3442] - @Transactional applied with a CDI InterceptionFactory throws an Exception
[JBTM-3469] - lra-coordinator-war does not pack the lra-coordinator properly
[JBTM-3486] - Update Oracle Driver in ArjunaCore.arjuna
[JBTM-3487] - Fix typo inside spring/camel-with-narayana-spring-boot/

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.21
make sure the table has defined primary keys when using updateable resultset backpatch PR#2101 fixes Issue 1975 PR #2106
backpatch PR #2143 read notifies or errors that come in asynchronously after the ready for query PR #2168
backpatch PR #507 which reworks OSGI bundle activator fixes ISSUE #2133
Fix database metadata getFunctions() and getProcedures() to ignore search_path when no schema pattern is specified. backpatch PR #2174 fixes Issue 2173

jBPM 7.55.0.Final 
Release notes only go up to jBPM 7.52, please check at a later date for updates.

Jetty 11.0.3
This release resolves CVE-2021-28169
#3764 DeprecationWarning Decorator
#5684 Review disabled tests
#5798 jetty-runner startup error with jetty-10

Spring Framework 5.3.8
HttpComponentsClientHttpConnector should close underlying resources #27032
Default value of StandaloneMockMvcBuilder.useSuffixPatternMatch differs from the same property in RequestMappingHandlerMapping #27030
Lookup method autowiring ignores method's generic info #26998
Set BEST_MATCHING_PATTERN_ATTRIBUTE on requests with WebMvc.fn #26963

What is MongoDB? | Feature Overview and FAQ

With so many open source databases to choose from, finding the right database can be a challenge. That’s especially true for non-relational databases like MongoDB, where there are many viable options to choose from.

In this blog, we give an overview of MongoDB, answer frequently asked questions about the database, and discuss important components of MongoDB, including documents, storage engines, and sharding.

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