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Non-Security Updates

Non-security Based Updates

Docker 2.2.2
Return an error when failing to list containers by @ulyssessouza in #8974
Compose logs to notify printer about container lifecycle events by @ndeloof in #8984
Turn external volume usage into a warning instead of erroring by @ulyssessouza in #8983
Use filepath instead of path to check if the dockerfile path is abolute or not by @glours in #8988

Jenkins 2.324
Improve logging for termination of cloud agents. (pull 6010)
Fix appearance of table tooltips. (issue 67154)
Developer: Plugins now have their Guice dependencies aligned with core. (pull 6014)
Introduced Listeners.notify utility method to encourage safe listener notification. (issue 21224)

Kubernetes 1.23.0
Deprecation of FlexVolume

FlexVolume is deprecated. Out-of-tree CSI driver is the recommended way to write volume drivers in Kubernetes. See this doc for more information. Maintainers of FlexVolume drivers should implement a CSI driver and move users of FlexVolume to CSI. Users of FlexVolume should move their workloads to CSI driver.

Deprecation of klog specific flags

To simplify the code base, several logging flags got marked as deprecated in Kubernetes 1.23. The code which implements them will be removed in a future release, so users of those need to start replacing the deprecated flags with some alternative solutions.


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