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Here is what people are talking about this week in the world of free and open source software: 

  • New Chrome 0-day Under Active Attacks – Update Your Browser Now
  • Cracking Production Performance Issues With Open Source Observability
  • FreedomFi Launches First Open Source 5G Network Appliance Enabling Vendor-Agnostic, Private LTE or 5G Networks


Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


Non-Security Updates

Drools 7.45.0.Final
[DROOLS-5706] - GroupBy: 4 patterns not supported due to a typo

Firefox 82
With this release, Firefox introduces a number of improvements that make watching videos more delightful:
the Picture-In-Picture button has a new look and position, making it easier for you to find and use the feature.
Picture-In-Picture now has a keyboard shortcut for Mac users (Option + Command + Shift + Right bracket) that works before you start playing the video.
For Windows users, Firefox now uses DirectComposition for hardware decoded video, which will improve CPU and GPU usage during video playback, improving battery life.

Jetty 9.4.33
#5022 : Cleanup ServletHandler, specifically with respect to making filter chains more extensible
#5368 : WebSocket text event execute in same thread as running binary event and destroy Threadlocal
#5378 : Filter/Servlet/Listener Holders are not started if added during STARTING state.
#5409 : HttpClient fails intermittently with "Invalid response state TRANSIENT"



ActiveMQ is a popular option  for companies using message-oriented middleware. As a mature, open source option, it solves many problems inherent in enterprise systems. But what do these ActiveMQ applications look like in real life? In this blog, we look at three ActiveMQ examples, and discuss how these examples are only the tip of the iceberg.

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