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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


Non-Security Updates


ISC BIND 9.16.8
named reported an invalid memory size when running in an environment that did not properly report the number of available memory pages and/or the size of each memory page. [GL #2166]
With multiple forwarders configured, named could fail the REQUIRE(msg->state == (-1)) assertion in lib/dns/message.c, causing it to crash. This has been fixed. [GL #2124]
named erroneously performed continuous key rollovers for KASP policies that used algorithm Ed25519 or Ed448 due to a mismatch between created key size and expected key size. [GL #2171]
Updating contents of an RPZ zone which contained names spelled using varying letter case could cause some processing rules in that RPZ zone to be erroneously ignored. [GL #2169]

OpenLDAP 2.4.55
Fixed slapd normalization handling with modrdn (ITS#9370)
Fixed slapd-meta to check ldap_install_tls return code (ITS#9366)

PHP 7.4.12, 7.3.24
Fixed bug #80061 (Copying large files may have suboptimal performance).
Fixed bug #79423 (copy command is limited to size of file it can copy).
Fixed bug #80126 (Covariant return types failing compilation).
Fixed bug #80186 (Segfault when iterating over FFI object).

Fixed bug #80213 (imap_mail_compose() segfaults on certain $bodies).
Fixed bug #80215 (imap_mail_compose() may modify by-val parameters).
Fixed bug #80220 (imap_mail_compose() may leak memory).
Fixed bug #80223 (imap_mail_compose() leaks envelope on malformed bodies).

Spring Security 5.4.1
Replace expired msdn link with latest web archive copy #9050
Add documentation for StrictHttpFirewall enhancements #9038
Replace Tomcat6 URL for SSL Guide to Tomcat 10 #9034
Use AssertJ for exception testing #9013

Message-Oriented Middleware 

One of the primary challenges for teams working on enterprise systems is in how they deal with data dispersed across the myriad applications, websites, and technologies contained within a given system. So how can teams overcome those challenges while taking advantage of mature open source technologies? In this white paper, we look at two in-depth case studies. 

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