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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Non-Security-Based Updates

Camel K 1.0.0

  • Longer Getting Started Guide.
  • Find out about Enterprise Integration Patterns and how to implement them with Camel.
  • Review the Architecture guide to see how to build Routes using the Java DSL or XML DSL. 

Jgroups 5.0.0

  • A service has to be replicated for availability. As long as at least one of the servers remains opera-tional, the service itself remains operational.
  • Service requests have to be balanced between a set of servers.
  • A large number of objects have to be managed as one entity (e.g. a management domain).
  • Notification service / push technology: receivers subscribe to a channel, senders send data to the channels, channels distribute data to all receivers subscribed to the channel. Used for example for video distribution, videoconferencing. 

MyBatis 3.5.5

  • You can reference single List or Collection type parameter using its actual parameter name when useActualParamName is enabled. #1237
  • You can specify resultMap in @One and @Many. #1771
  • You can specify columnPrefix in @One and @Many. #1829
  • A new option shrinkWhitespacesInSql to remove extra whitespaces in SQL. #1901 

PHP 7.4.7 and 7.3.19

  • Fixed bug #79599 (coredump in set_error_handler).
  • Fixed bug #79566 (Private SHM is not private on Windows).
  • Fixed bug #79489 (.user.ini does not inherit).
  • Fixed bug #79600 (Regression in 7.4.6 when yielding an array-based generator). 

We're excited to announce the call for papers is open for LaravelConf Taiwan 2020. This year, we focus on "Serverless" cloud architecture. The event will be taking place July 25 in Taiwan and we also have the Webinar track. We encourage PHP developers submit your proposals!

New CentOS vs. Redhat Blog

Also, check out new CentOS vs. Redhat blog from OpenLogic on costs, functionality, and more!


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