SaaS Provider Improves System Stability and Scale With Help From OpenLogic

A SaaS provider in telecommunications was experiencing issues with system stability and scale on their Apache Cassandra deployment. OpenLogic worked with the team to create and achieve a strategy to optimize their Cassandra deployment and underlying architecture – ensuring short and long-term success for their project.

OpenLogic Helped the Customer With

Assessment and Roadmap

OpenLogic enterprise architects assessed the existing system architecture and provided a clear roadmap to achieving the client’s goals.

Expert Guidance

The OpenLogic team went on-site to guide the teams as they designed and deployed the new solution.

Long Term Support

After their team was trained, OpenLogic provided long term support and guidance for ongoing service-level objectives.

Hurdles in Application Modernization

A SaaS provider in telecommunications was in the process of moving their application from a monolithic architecture into a microservices architecture. In an effort to modernize their databases, the team had been working on a switch from a paid database solution to open source. In this case, they chose Cassandra as the foundational database technology for their entire business -- from shopping carts to coupons.

While implementing Cassandra, the team experienced stability issues that prevented their system from adequately scaling to meet customer needs.

With their new application launch looming, the team needed to reevaluate their new implementation and align it with their business goals, and they needed it done fast. 

How OpenLogic Solved It

After being chosen to help with this project, the OpenLogic team started by analyzing the client’s existing Cassandra deployment – comparing it against their long-term business goals.

After analyzing the existing deployment and development teams and finding some issues with the Cassandra implementation and underlying architecture, the OpenLogic team set a detailed roadmap to update both to accepted best practices.

Once the roadmap was determined, the OpenLogic team guided the client in designing and deploying the ideal underlying architecture and optimized Cassandra implementation.

The End Result

After deployment, the client continued working with OpenLogic to develop their operational knowledge of Cassandra while supporting their team in case they experienced issues with the new Cassandra implementation.

With their new expertise, the team now possessed a long-term foundation for achieving added scale and service-level objectives. Because the entire process was both collaborative and well-documented, it left the team in a great position for ongoing success.

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