Banking Company Connects Disparate Data With Help From OpenLogic

For this global leader in banking, deploying a modern, scalable messaging solution to bridge siloed cloud and on-premises systems proved problematic. OpenLogic helped their team to learn, implement, and support a modern, open source messaging solution built with Apache Kafka and Apache Camel.

OpenLogic Helped the Customer With:


OpenLogic provided the expert training needed to work with Kafka and Camel.


OpenLogic created a strategic roadmap to help the team implement Kafka and Camel.


OpenLogic provides ongoing support for their integrated open source software.

An Issue With Disparate, Limited Data

For this banking company, monitoring their microservices-based applications was proving to be overly complicated, restrictive, and incompatible with their needs for forming accurate, business-critical insights based on that data.

Monitoring data from cloud and on-premises instances was siloed, limiting the ability to make accurate, data-driven decisions. More, their cloud data was only accessible for three months – which severely limited the scope and potential for accurate, long-term data analysis.

They needed to pool, store, and coordinate the data between the cloud and on-premises instances, and do it in a sustainable, secure, and cost-effective way.

How OpenLogic Solved It

After their team received training for Camel from Openlogic, the team again chose OpenLogic — this time to help train, build, and support a Kafka-based solution for their problem.
After meeting with the bank’s team of in-house developers and IBM solutions engineers to understand their issue and needs, the OpenLogic team provided a collaborative and effective roadmap to success. 

They helped the bank development team to scope the project, learn the necessary skills, then develop a Kafka-based solution that pools, stores, and coordinates the data between the siloed cloud and on-premises instances.

Reaping the Rewards

With the Kafka-based solution in place, the company was able to combine their disparate data sets for more accurate and actionable analysis. It also allowed the team to store that data longer in an ElasticSearch instance they operated on-premises. This meant more visibility into long-term trends, and a competitive advantage for their company.

By choosing an open-source messaging and storage solution, the team was also able to avoid the substantial, ongoing costs often associated with commercial messaging and storage technologies.

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