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Australia’s Department of Immigration sees results with open source


As open source software continues to grow in popularity, more and more organizations are realizing the advantages offered by these solutions. A key example of the potential inherent to such an approach can be found in Australia, where the Department of Immigration recently leveraged open source to achieve major results on a tight budget, iTnews reported.

How Long Will It Take to Scan My Codebase for Open Source Software?


I want to scan my codebase to detect open source; how long will it take?

The Best-In-Class Open Source Policy


In the time that I have spent with OpenLogic, I have worked with companies across many industries, and with companies ranging from a handful of developers to thousands of developers. One thing they have in common is that they typically have some type of open source policy, some far more developed than others.

Five Open Source Industry Perceptions and Language


A number of interesting press releases by industry experts published this year show some of the most impressive data ever on the exponential growth of open source software adoption. Open source buzz is humming both behind the scenes and on the front page in just about every major industry that touches a piece of modern technology!  

FOSS Knowledge, Part 2: Common Misunderstandings and Blind Spots


In my last post, I discussed where we came from and where we are now in regards to knowledge and understanding of open source software and licenses. I talked about how, not too long ago, there seemed to be a fair amount of denial when it came to the use of open source software in the enterprise.  Today, open source software has garnered enough attention that the term "open source" is found far outside the software world. Yet, misconceptions and misunderstandings prevail. Why? How did we get here? And how do we get to the point where there is accurate and consistent knowledge around FOSS? More specifically, how do we get to a point where FOSS use in the enterprise incorporates a thorough and appropriate understanding that backs a FOSS policy that is tailored to the realities and practicalities of that particular business?

FOSS Knowledge, Part 1: Where Are We Now?


At the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco in mid-April, I gave a talk titled, "FOSS Knowledge: A little does NOT always go a long way." The title was supposed to be a bit eye-catching; the subject-matter, hopefully thought-provoking. I've attended my share of open source software-related events and often the topics covered in the legal or business tracks relate to trends, information, tools, and best practices for the use of open source software, particularly in regards to license compliance - basically what one needs to do. But I'm finding that it is ever-more critical to look at knowledge: the understanding, awareness, and education around open source software and licenses.

Do You Hear What I Hear?


I am asked two very reasonable questions, on a very regular basis, by some very interesting people.

Open Source Management: Words of Advice from One Open Source Auditor to Another Part II


Open source audits are never as simple as they seem. You have successfully tackled your first open source audit and you are probably asking yourself what to do to help with future audits. The answer is: preparation.  The steps you take before you start the auditing process will make the project that much more successful. To help with future audits, let's look at a few tips and tricks you can use before you begin an audit:

How Much Disruption Will Scanning For OSS Cause Me?


Scanning and auditing your code for open source software (OSS) is a great first step towards compliance. However, some organizations may be reluctant to perform scans because of concerns about how disruptive the process can be to their development effort. In this article, I will explore a couple different approaches to scanning your code for OSS and the potential disruption associated with each.  I have organized the article from the least to most disruptive approach.

Apps, App Store, and Open Source - Part 1


Shortly after announcing an update on mobile app open source compliance research, I presented on the broader topic of "Apps, App Store, and Open Source" at LinuxCon in San Diego. Judging from the number of people who attended the presentation and their engagement, this is still a topic many people are intrigued by. In this post, I'll provide an overview of the research and its potential implications.

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