Committing to an enterprise Linux distribution has a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on organizations. That means companies need to make the right decision the first time and when they migrate if they want to meet and exceed their business goals.

In our Decision Maker’s Guide to Enterprise Linux, we break down the top free and commercial enterprise Linux distributions and discuss the key points decision makers need to consider before they commit.

Understand the Enterprise Linux Landscape

When you download the Decision Maker’s Guide to Enterprise Linux, you get instant access to timely and in-depth analysis on enterprise Linux distributions ⁠— ranging from stalwarts like RHEL to newer distributions like Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux. For each distribution, we provide an expert assessment of:

  • Build stability
  • Ecosystem maturity
  • Viability for use at enterprise scale
  • Insight into "best suited for" scenarios
  • And more!

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