2022 State of Open Source Report Preview

Get Insight Into the Open Source Technologies Shaping the World

From frameworks to AI/ML/DL technologies, open source is powering the innovation at leading companies around the world.

Download the 2022 State of Open Source Report for insights on the top open source:

  • Framework technologies
  • Infrastructure technologies
  • Programming languages
  • Data technologies
  • CI/CD technologies
  • AI/ML/DL technologies
  • And more

See How Different Industries Are Using Open Source Software

New in this year’s report, we dive in on how specific verticals and company sizes are using open source software, including analysis on these industries:

  • Technology
  • Consulting
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • And more
2022 State of Open Source Report Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Report Have Data on Open Source Database Software?

Yes! The report looks at opensource database trends and technologies, including open source DBMS, open source middleware / OSS middleware, and more. The report also looks at database enterprise stacks, and how they differ from smaller organizations. While we don't dive into a debate around which is the best open source database, we do provide data on the top selections and why organizations are adopting open source data technologies.

Does This Report Have Data on Open Source Frameworks?

Yes! The report looks at the top OSS frameworks, as well as the top open source languages, top open source operating systems / OSS operating systems, and a full range of other open source technologies.

Are There Any Surprising Open Source Trends In This Report?

Our analysis uncovered a number of surprising open source software trends in the 2022 report. One of the big trends that we noticed was around the increased adoption of open source artificial intelligence, open source machine learning / OSS machine learning, and open source deep learning technologies. 

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