About Wazi

Wazi is an extension of OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX), a free website that enables companies to find, research and download hundreds of open source packages on demand. Wazi is a clearinghouse for the timeliest thinking on open source. We’re talking originality, depth, brilliance — genuine, innovative thought — put into words by some of the best minds in open source today. This is exciting stuff! It’s important, it’s evolving, and we want to share it. You’ll find engaging articles on open source topics, generated by today’s brightest, most knowledgeable open source gurus. Among other things, they’re thinking about:

  • How various projects compare to others in their genre.
  • How open source licenses compare to one another and what sorts of issues typically arise around licensing.
  • Best practices in open source usage for companies.

Wazi contributors are also creating tutorials and working up sets of tips & tricks based on their experience.

If you’d like to contribute, see our Contribute page for guidelines. If you’re interested in what open source we’ve used to create Wazi, or who our artists are, check out our Attributions page.

But, What IS a “Wazi”?

People are always asking us, “What’s a ‘Wazi’?”. We just look at them and smile. But when they ask “…howzit differ from a ‘Wiki’?”, we look both ways and motion them into the doorway, and explain that, first of all, a Wazi’s different from a Wiki ‘cuz a Wiki lacks waz. Second, “wazi”, pronounced wah-zee, just happens to be Swahili for “open”. A Wiki is encyclopedic, whereas a Wazi is focused. Wiki? Definition. Wazi? Erudition. Tugging on their sleeve a little, we add: when you mix open source with irreverence, distill it with focus and add a dash of Swahili? What you end up with is – well, it’s just quite simply the Next. Best. Thing. A Wazi. You can say you found it here.