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More GDB tips and tricks


The GNU Debugger (GDB) is a powerful tool for developers. In an earlier article I talked about how to use breakpoints and watchpoints, and how to auto-display values and call user-defined and system functions. This time, let's see how to use GDB to examine memory and debug macros and signal handlers.

podPress: Easy podcasting with WordPress


Podcasting is perfect for businesses, educational institutions, and entertainment providers who want to transmit ideas. Getting a podcast up on a site isn't hard; if you have a hosting provider that allows you to upload files, you can record your podcast, upload it, and share out the link. But what if you want to integrate your podcast into your existing WordPress site and get the word out through the likes of iTunes (which happens to be one of the fastest means for podcast distribution and recognition)? For that you need podPress, an extension designed to perfect WordPress as a platform for podcasting.

Notepad++ tips for programmers


Notepad++, the popular text and source code editor for Windows, is easy to use for most editing tasks, but programmers may need to dig in more deeply to get the most out of it. Here are some advanced Notepad++ tips to help you improve your development process.

How to work LibreOffice into your book creation process


With the advent of handheld ebook readers and new venues for self-publishing, authors are no longer dependent upon traditional publishers to get their works into the hands of readers. Of course, circumventing the likes of Random House and Harper Collins means that tasks like formatting and design fall into the laps of writers, who have notoriously low budgets. Fortunately, the free and open source LibreOffice Writer application helps you tackle challenging publishing tasks without forcing you to learn the complexities of an application like LaTeX.

How to create a professional-looking book cover with the GIMP


Self-publishing books is hugely popular nowadays. In an article on self-publishing, WikiHow advises hiring a designer to create a professional-looking cover for your book. Of course you can go that route, but you may be able to accomplish just as good a job by using one of the most powerful image editing tools available – the GNU Image Manipulation Program, better known as the GIMP.

How to secure Tomcat


Apache Tomcat has a relatively low number of vulnerabilities compared to other web technologies, but to maintain a stable and secure environment you must pay attention to every application server and servlet container, including Tomcat. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve the security of your organization's Tomcat deployment.

Advanced GDB tips and tricks


The GNU Debugger (GDB) is one of the most popular debugging tools available on Linux and Unix-like systems. Learn the advanced debugging techniques in this article to improve your development process.

Optimize MySQL server performance with user resource limits


MySQL lets you configure server resource limits on per user account basis. This feature helps you maximize system availability in situations where different users (possibly multiple business clients) share a single environment and none should be allowed to overload it. You can also use it to prevent a nonessential process from monopolizing limited MySQL resources.

How to repair a hacked or broken WordPress installation


A page on your WordPress site has been defaced, or you've discovered a new directory that you never created. You've been hacked! Don't panic – no matter how bad things may seem, if you take some steps to prepare before you have a problem, you can recover easily.

LibreOffice Navigator makes you a document navigation pro


LibreOffice's Navigator is a Swiss Army knife of a tool, especially useful in Writer for outlining and structuring, navigating, and managing master documents. It provides features that help advanced users maintain long Writer documents or documents full of graphics, tables, and other elements.

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