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Optimize website unit testing with phpUnit


Writing code is only the first step in creating an enterprise website. Organizations also need to test their sites, and that can take a lot of financial and human resources. Optimizing the process with a tool like phpUnit and performing regular tests after major modifications saves time and money and helps avoid issues with the final product.

Getting started with ocPortal


Looking for a powerful tool to help create your next-generation website? The ocPortal content management system (CMS) lets you build sites with advanced features like photo galleries, news, events, and social networking. It follows accessibility standards, handles search engine optimization, and provides you with solid security.

Create a CRUD PHP application easily with Yii and Giix


CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) applications allow you to manage the entries in your database tables. You can create CRUD applications to easily manage existing database tables with the popular Yii framework and one of its extensions, Giix.

Get better PHP performance with HipHop Virtual Machine


Facebook (perhaps you've heard of it) created HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) to run its PHP code. It's faster than any other PHP interpreter, including the leader in most benchmarks, FastCGI Process Manager.

Enhance your PHP programs with tokenizing


PHP provides a tokenizer tool that you can use to write your own code analyzing routines, and to compress or obfuscate your code, check for coding standards, calculate software metrics, pretty-print code, and more. In this article I'll show you how to get started using the PHP tokenizer for a few of these tasks.

Isolate Apache virtual hosts with suPHP


By default Apache runs all virtual hosts under the same Apache user, with no isolation between them. That makes security vulnerabilities in server-side languages such as PHP a serious threat. An attacker can compromise all websites and virtual hosts on a server as soon as he finds one site that's hosted on it that's vulnerable. To address this problem, you can deploy the Apache module suPHP, which is designed to ensure isolation between virtual hosts that support PHP.

MantisBT tracks bugs, aids developers


If you develop software, you need a tool to handle bug reporting, requests for changes, and new proposals. Mantis Bug Tracker (MantisBT) is particularly effective at those tasks.

Using Drupal distributions for speedier deployment


Drupal is one of the most popular open source content management systems today. Unfortunately the default Drupal installation often requires a lot of customization to meet an organization's needs, so you have to rely on Drupal's thousands of extensions to tailor the software to do exactly what you want, and that takes time. It would be easier if you could install Drupal with all the extensions that you want to use straight out of the box – and you can do just that by using Drupal distributions.

How to migrate your server from Debian to CentOS


Considering migrating your server from Debian to CentOS? This article provides information on key differences between the two operating systems, along with instructions on moving your applications and configuration files.

Build your own custom modules for Drupal 7


The open source content management platform Drupal is powerful enough off the shelf, but the ease with which you can add extra modules and the flexibility that capability offers make it even more powerful.

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