Enterprise Open Source Software Support Services

Open Source Solutions for the Enterprise

OpenLogic helps enterprises successfully and securely use open source software by providing commercial-grade technical support on over 500 open source packages, a web-based platform for open source governance, open source scanning solutions, and a library of certified open source software with security notifications. Whether you're using a handful or hundreds of open source packages, we can help you get the most from open source software while minimizing potential risks.

Open Source Support and Indemnification

Our commercial-grade support and indemnification for open source enables you to safely deploy open source and stay on top of critical updates. We provide consolidated support coverage for hundreds of the most popular open source packages. Our support offerings include:

Open Source Governance

Our open source governance solutions can help you effectively manage open source usage and mitigate potential risks. OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX), our open source governance platform, is a web-based solution that includes open source approvals, auditing capabilities, and a library of over 330,000 enterprise-ready open source solutions. Our governance offerings include:

Open Source Scanning

Our open source scanning products and services are designed to help you to discover how much open source software you're using, understand where specific open source packages are used, and determine what needs to be done to ensure open source license compliance. Our scanning offerings include:

Open Source Provisioning and Updates

Our open source provisioning solutions give you a trusted source for researching and downloading enterprise open source software solutions and help you stay on top of new version releases and security updates. Our provisioning offerings include:

Consulting and Training Services

Our open source consulting and training services connect you with trusted open source experts who can help you tune and optimize open source deployments, select and migrate to open source solutions, create an open source policy, and learn how to deploy and administer open source technolgies. Our consulting and training offerings include:



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