Expert Open Source Software Support

Support and Indemnification for Open Source Software

OpenLogic provides commercial-grade open source support and CentOS Linux support. OpenLogic supports hundreds of the most popular open source software packages, including Apache, Tomcat, JBoss (also known as WildFly) and MySQL. OpenLogic's internal support engineers are backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community of open source committers and contributors, giving you access to expert resources to resolve any open source issue. OpenLogic also offers indemnification coverage that protects you in the case of open source IP lawsuits.

Open Source Support Options

OpenLogic offers Developer Support and Production Support options that let you customize your support coverage for each open source software package you use.

  • Production Support provides 24x7 coverage with guaranteed service level agreements to keep enterprise production applications up and running.
  • Developer Support provides expert advice on the configuration, integration, and use of open source software as well as recommendations for open source packages.

OSS Support Chart

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OpenLogic Expert Community

OpenLogic's technical support team is backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community, which is comprised of open source committers and contributors located around the world. These experts help OpenLogic's open source support engineers resolve questions and troubleshoot issues, and OpenLogic compensates Expert Community members for every open source support issue they work on.

OpenLogic Expert Community members contribute source code to the software packages they support, so they are qualified to make source code changes should it be needed to resolve an issue. In addition, Expert Community members can contribute bug fixes and source code changes back to open source communities, thereby ensuring that critical fixes and changes are incorporated in future releases.

OpenLogic Privacy Guarantee

IT assets often provide a critical competitive advantage, so enterprises are understandably concerned that using public mailing lists for technical support on open source may reveal confidential corporate information. OpenLogic's technical support ensures that enterprises never have to reveal information about the open source packages that are in use, how they're being used, or the types of issues that are encountered. By acting as your conduit to the open source community, OpenLogic keeps your identity private while resolving your technical support issues. Our privacy guarantee ensures that your confidential information always remains private.

Indemnification for Open Source Software

OpenLogic offers indemnification coverage for open source software in order to help enterprises protect against the intellectual property risks that can come with open source software. Open source indemnification coverage from OpenLogic ensures that enterprises are financially protected should a third party file an infringement claim based on the use of open source software obtained from the OpenLogic Certified Library. OpenLogic's indemnification coverage helps mitigate the intellectual property risks associated with open source, thereby enabling enterprises to increase savings and productivity by safely using more open source software.

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