Scan for Open Source Software - Selecting the Right Scanner

Scan for Open Source Software

Successful open source governance requires knowledge of what open source is being used in your products and throughout your company. OpenLogic provides two scanning tools, OSS Discovery and OSS Deep Discovery, that can help you identify the open source software you're using.

Choosing the Right Scanner

Different levels of scanning are appropriate for different situations. Enterprises that use open source internally can typically employ a binary-level scanner – such as OSS Discovery – to find open source software embedded in applications or installed on specific machines. However, enterprises that distribute software, hardware or consumer products that may contain open source need a source code scanner in order to ensure complete visibility of all open source code and licenses.

OSS Deep Discovery Features

OSS Deep Discovery

OSS Deep Discovery is a scanning tool that scans source code as well as binaries to identify open source code and licenses – even when the open source code has been copied or modified. OSS Deep Discovery is ideal for enterprises that distribute software or products containing software or are engaged in M&A activities. OSS Deep Discovery enables you to:

  • Quickly and easily scan your product for open source code
  • Create a complete, accurate inventory of open source code and applicable licenses
  • Audit for compliance with internal policies
  • Understand license obligations and conflicts
  • Ensure compliance with open source licenses and avoid potential legal action
  • Protect your own intellectual property

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How OSS Deep Discovery Works: Fast, Accurate Source Code Scanning

OSS Deep Discovery utilizes multiple advanced techniques to identify embedded open source projects, files or code snippets – even when the open source code has been modified. Once all potential matches have been identified, OSS Deep Discovery applies smart noise-reduction techniques to avoid the large number of false-positive matches that are common with many scanning tools and pinpoint the right match. This reduces the amount of time needed to scan source code as well as the manual effort required to reconcile scan results. With OSS Deep Discovery, enterprises can scan source more quickly and accurately, and ensure they comply with open source licenses.

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OSS Discovery

OSS Discovery is a free, open source scanning tool that helps enterprises find the open source software included in their internal applications and installed on corporate workstations and servers. Because OSS Discovery does not require source code, it is well-suited to inventory your deployed applications, servers or desktops, enabling you to:

  • Establish a baseline inventory of open source usage
  • Audit for compliance with internal policies
  • Gain visibility into technical architecture components and tools
  • Find opportunities to use more open source
  • Identify technical support, consulting, and training needs
  • Quantify and communicate the benefits gained from open source


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How OSS Discovery Works: Scan Deployed Applications, Servers and Workstations

OSS Discovery scans applications or directories on enterprise workstations and servers and produces an instant inventory report of the open source found. OSS Discovery is provided through a lightweight download for easy deployment with no server required. It scans quickly, identifying the open source in most applications in a matter of minutes. OSS Discovery is non-invasive and does not "spider" your network – it only scans systems and directories that you specify. However, the command line interface allows you to scan multiple systems remotely, without user interaction, enabling a complete inventory. With OSS Discovery, companies can quickly and easily identify open source they are using to ensure they understand support requirements and comply with internal policies.


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