OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) Demonstration

Get a Demonstration of OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX)

Register for a demonstration of the OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) and see for yourself how OLEX streamlines open source governance, provisioning, and scanning. Web-based demonstrations of OLEX typically last about 30 minutes.
OLEX is a web-based solution for enterprise open source governance.

OLEX enables you to:

  • Operationalize open source policies
  • Automate open source approvals
  • Track open source downloads
  • Manage updates for open source
  • Scan and audit to ensure compliance

Benefits of Open Source Governance

  • Improve visibility of open source usage
  • Find opportunities to use more open source
  • Avoid legal action & protect intellectual property
  • Ensure compliance with open source licenses
  • Comply with internal open source policies

Get a Demonstration of OLEX