Indemnification for Open Source Software

Protect your Company against Intellectual Property Risks

OpenLogic provides indemnification coverage for open source software in order to help protect enterprises against the intellectual property risks that can come with open source software. OpenLogic offers indemnification coverage for the hundreds of open source packages included in the OpenLogic Certified Library. No other open source solution provider offers enterprises indemnification coverage for such a broad range of open source software.

Why Is Indemnification Important?

There are many benefits to using open source software, but in some cases there are lingering legal concerns around deploying open source in the enterprise. In order for enterprises to fully embrace a broad range of open source software, they need to be able to deploy, manage and control open source while limiting the associated legal and compliance risks. For the first time, enterprises can now access indemnification coverage for a broad range of open source products from a single vendor. By mitigating the intellectual property risks associated with open source software, OpenLogic enables enterprises to safely and securely use open source software and maximize cost savings.

Indemnification Coverage

OpenLogic's indemnification coverage provides financial protection if a third party files an intellectual property infringement claim against your company based on the use of open source software obtained from the OpenLogic Certified Library. Subject to terms specified in the contract, OpenLogic covers repair, replacement, legal expenses and damages up to a specified limit.

In order to qualify for indemnification coverage on a particular open source software package, customers must meet the following pre-requisites:

OpenLogic's indemnification offering protects against four types of intellectual property infringements: patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. OpenLogic will protect eligible customers against any claim that OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX), or any open source software package for which OpenLogic's indemnification coverage has been purchsed, misappropriates any trade secrets or infringes against any copyright or patent issued in the United States as of the effective date.

The coverage provides:

  • Repair or replacement of the software
  • Defense against action
  • Payment of damages

The coverage is limited to four times (4X) the value of the contract with OpenLogic. Claims are subject to the specific terms of the OpenLogic Subscription Agreement.



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