Know where open source is used

Successful open source governance requires knowledge of what open source is being used in your products and throughout your company. OpenLogic provides a powerful scanning tool, OSS Deep Discovery, that helps you identify the open source software you're using. OSS Deep Discovery helps companies that distribute software, hardware, or consumer products ensure complete visibility into all open source code and licenses.

OSS Deep Discovery

OSS Deep Discovery is a scanning tool that scans source code as well as binaries to identify open source code and licenses – even when the open source code has been copied or modified. OSS Deep Discovery is ideal for enterprises that distribute software or products containing software or are engaged in merger and acquisition activities. With OSS Deep Discovery you can:

  • Quickly and easily scan your product for open source code
  • Create a complete, accurate inventory of open source code and applicable licenses
  • Audit for compliance with internal policies
  • Understand license obligations and conflicts
  • Ensure compliance with open source licenses and avoid potential legal action
  • Protect your own intellectual property

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Large fingerprint database
Scans binaries and source code
Easily scalable
Reporting and metrics
Identifies open source licenses
Try on your code in 30 minutes or less
Secure SaaS source code scanner
Advanced noise reduction
Suggested matches via crowd sourcing
Advanced data encryption
Real-time fingerprint updates

Fast, accurate source code scanning

OSS Deep Discovery uses multiple advanced techniques to identify embedded open source projects, files, or code snippets – even when the open source code has been modified. Once all potential matches have been identified, OSS Deep Discovery applies patented smart noise-reduction techniques to avoid the large number of false-positive matches that are common with many scanning tools to pinpoint the right matches. This not only reduces the amount of time to scan source code, but also reduces the manual effort to reconcile scan results. Scan source code quickly and accurately, and ensure compliance with open source licenses.

  • Establish a baseline inventory of open source usage
  • Audit for compliance with internal policies
  • Gain visibility into technical architecture components and tools
  • Find opportunities to use more open source
  • Identify technical support, consulting, and training needs
  • Quantify and communicate the benefits gained from open source