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Ensure your release dates with OpenLogic technical support, providing the same level of confidence for open source code as technical support for commercial products. Supporting hundreds of open source software packages for issues encountered in both development and production environments, OpenLogic technical support has you covered:

  • Enterprise open source support and CentOS Linux support for hundreds of the most popular open source software packages used in the enterprise, including Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, MySQL, ActiveMQ and PostgreSQL.
  • Two levels of support give your teams the coverage they need with the flexibility you want. Choose the right level of OSS support to ensure your organization's open source code runs flawlessly. 
“Without their support we would have been floundering within the Java SDK and Tomcat, and would not have advanced to where we are today.”

Benefits of open source support:

  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) with all support contracts
  • 12 x 5 Silver Support or 24 x 7 Gold Support around-the-clock coverage
  • Access to open source expert consultants
  • Troubleshoot complex issues and get answers to your open source questions 
  • Ensure consistent uptime for critical applications containing open source

Common support questions:

  • Which open source package or package version is best suited for a particular job or function?
  • Are any of the open source packages used in my environment not recommended?
  • Are there alternative packages I should consider deploying?
  • How do I set up or use a particular function within an open source package?
  • What changes were made in a specific version of an open source package?
  • What benefits can be gained by using a certain version of an open source package?
  • How will I be affected by a specific security update?

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The OpenLogic support stack

Diagram: The OpenLogic support stack

Support options

Some enterprises view open source support as an insurance policy, while others rely on support for detailed assistance and problem resolution. That's why we offer multiple consultative support options that allow you to customize your level of service to your exact needs:

Silver Support Gold Support
Hours 12x5
(business hours)
(around the clock)
Service level
4-hour response 1-hour response
Problem submission phone / email / online phone / email / online
Supported packages Hundreds of OSS packages
CentOS Linux
Hundreds of OSS packages
CentOS Linux
Number of named
Unlimited Unlimited

“OpenLogic worked through the night to provide a solution within 9 hours.”

One number to call for all packages

Eliminate the need for expensive component-level contracts that don't address complex integrations across packages. Whether the problem originates in one open source package or is the result of complex interactions between multiple packages, our technical staff handles support on all of them and serves as your front line experts, answering questions and pinpointing the root cause.

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