About Rogue Wave OpenLogic

Helping Enterprises Safely Use Open Source Software

Rogue Wave provides enterprises with open source support, scanning, provisioning and governance solutions to safely and efficiently leverage open source software. We give enterprises the choice, confidence, and control necessary to mitigate open source risks while maximizing cost savings.

Provisioning Certified Open Source Software

Rogue Wave provides a Certified Library of hundreds of open source software packages via OpenLogic Exchange, a free web site where companies can find, research, and download certified, enterprise-ready open source packages on demand. OpenLogic is continually updated with new releases and security patches to keep you up-to-date on the latest open source enhancements. OpenLogic also provides an extensive knowledgebase, including complete information on open source licenses.

Open Source Support

Rogue Wave provides commercial-grade technical support for open source software. Production and developer support services with commercial SLAs are available for the hundreds of open source packages in the OpenLogic Certified Library. Our support services let you access expert technical resources as well as open source vendor partners.

Solutions for Open Source Governance

Rogue Wave OpenLogic also provides solutions for enterprise open source governance and provisioning centered around the web-based Enterprise Edition. OpenLogic enables enterprises to manage open source usage with a central repository for open source software downloads, enforce policies through online approvals and maintain an audit trail of open source in the enterprise. We also offer open source policy workshops, open source inventory and audit services, and license obligation analysis services.