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Open Source Management: Take the Open Source Maturity Quiz


Open source management is increasingly becoming an important component of today's IT discussions, as companies are using open source software more widely in their IT infrastructure; So much so that Gartner expects open source to make up 30% of enterprise IT portfolios in 2012.

Open source software can provide both cost and innovation benefits, but in order to use open source successfully, companies must have an open source management capability. OpenLogic defines four stages of Open Source Maturity that measure your company’s open source management capability.

The four stages are: Prevent, Manage, Promote and Transform:

Open Source Management

See which Open Source Maturity stage you are in by answering the 20 questions below with a "True" or "False" answer and following the scoring guide at the end:

1. Our company has an open source policy

2. The open source policy balances the value and risks of open source.

3. Our Development and IT organizations are aware of and understand the open source policy.

4. Our legal team is conversant in open source licenses.

5. Our procurement team is comfortable bringing in open source software.

6. We have broad familiarity with open source technologies in our organization.

7. We use open source where appropriate.

8. Our developers are just as comfortable with open source as with commercial proprietary technologies.

9. Our operations team is just as comfortable with open source as with commercial proprietary technologies.

10. We consider open source on an equal footing with proprietary software.

11. We allow developers to participate in open source communities.

12. We have arranged for support across the critical open source packages we use.

13. We put open source through the exact same processes as normal software.

14. We encourage teams to consider using open source technology.

15. We contribute fixes and patches back to open source projects.

16. We have in house experts on critical open source packages

17. We prefer open source alternatives whenever possible

18. We are active members of open source communities.

19. We actively promote open source throughout the organization.

20. Our internal development efforts use community development models.

To score, count the number of True responses.

Prevent (Score: 0-3)

In this stage companies prevent the adoption of open source. Companies in this stage sometimes have overt policies preventing the use of open source. However, more often, companies in this stage just lack the awareness, policy and processes needed to facilitate the use of open source.

Manage (Score 4-10)

In this stage companies realize that they already use open source and want to continue doing so. They put in place the basic organizational infrastructure needed to manage open source – including a policy, technical education and governance processes.

Promote (Score 11-15)

In this stage companies are now completely comfortable using open source technologies. All of the processes in place for proprietary software are applies to open source, and they are now shifting to actively promote the use of open source technologies and to increase the amount of open source in their IT portfolio.

Transform (Score 16-20)

In this stage companies are actively participating in and contributing to open source communities. They are evangelizing open source both internally and externally.

Feel free to download, tweet, like, and email the quiz using the SlideShare presentation below:

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Creative Commons License.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Creative Commons License.


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