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Open Source Software Bill of Materials, What are They Good For?


What is an open source software (OSS) bill of materials (BOM)? In the simplest terms, it is a list of the OSS components used in an application. But, it can actually be much more. Most OSS BOMs will, at a minimum, also contain the licensing information associated with each OSS component.

Three Steps to Attracting Developer Talent through Open Source Software


There’s no denying the state of today’s talent crunch in the tech world. With even the smallest cities creating their own "Silicon Valleys," companies wading the talent pool for engineers are finding it’s becoming shallower by the day. Making your business attractive to prospective developers is vital to seeing top class coders walk in for interviews. One oft-overlooked technique for winning the minds of developers is to embrace the open source world in which they are very likely immersed. Here are three easy ways to start being more engaged today.

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